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  1. Took them an hour to fix this for xbox players because that's where the majority player base is these days, everyone else, they don't care, not even a tweet. They can fix an entire network for xbox in an hour, there was a follow up tweet. Fix one server on PC? Two days currently waiting.
  2. Server says its Germany, it's now 20:32 on a Sunday in Germany, the entire x2 event which is the only reason we were up so late when it was wiped is now wasted as well, at the very least "We're aware of issue with servers resetting to day one" would be nice but apparently that's far too much to ask from a lowly paying customer who has bought and supported your product since early access, we're only the very reason you were able to make this many dlc's in the first place.
  3. 42 still the same, They could at least let us know if we've just lost everything.
  4. Server name : EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok42 Region : EU Map : Ragnarok Platform : PC This was a "Check back in ten minutes after the minor update, no need to restart your client" that wiped the server to day one, twice and is still offline since.
  5. Server name : EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok42 Region : EU Map : Ragnarok It's been reset to day 1 twice now, been like this for over an hour. This has likely killed our babies as it's now 2:52 in the UK the only reason we were awake at this time was to imprint, that was just about to be done when the "minor update" was announced with a 10 minute warning. We can't sit up all night hoping the backup still exists or if the constant resets to day one will over write it.
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