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  1. Megar

    tribe size limit

    Lol, why would you be 10 if you can do the double in less time being 20? This is a teamwork game, people just got it to a next level. If they implement tribe cap, there just would be a lot of alliances. If they capped the alliances, they would still not raid each other and clean the server.
  2. Megar

    PR Disaster

    I mean that they didn't state how the old servers were filled with duping items and dinos, and that went for more than at least 3 months without a fix. If you die by starving, your cagers are poop. They keep feeding you and filling your water every 5-10 minutes. That's my point. It's unhealthy, and yeah, people that sacrifice more for the game should be better / have better things, but not this way. At the end of the day you will tame high lvl Rexes, Brontos, Stegos, Quetzs, Gigas with kibble, + the imprinting kibbles. So yeah, after the early game where you tame those dinos without kibble, needing a few hours to tame those, you will eventually have egg farms, and taming everything with kibble because it's so much better.
  3. Megar

    PR Disaster

    If your tribe has less than 10 people. They didn't mention duping. Griefing? You can be caged basically forever if some alpha tribe wants, and your character gets stuck there. As of imprinting, if you want to be competitive, you have to imprint on PvP. Imagine a tribe vs another tribe, 1st tribe has gigas with 30% imprinting while the others have gigas with 90-100% imprinting. Those gigas with 30% imprint will have their stats incremented by 6%, while the 90-100% will have them for 18-20% more. If the imprinter rides the giga, that's 27-30% more dmg they do and less dmg they get, while the 30% is only 10%. Let's say both tribes have gigas with 250% melee, the first tribe will have their gigas on 265 melee (1272 raw dmg), and if the imprinter rides the giga, it will do 10% more dmg, 1400 raw dmg. Let's get on the second tribe, with 100% imprinted giga, their 250 melee dmg jumps up to 300 melee, 1440 raw dmg, and if the imprinter rides the giga, that's 1872 melee dmg, dealing 472 more dmg than the non-fully imprinted gigas. That's just a 1vs1, but with more gigas on each side, let's say, 5, the second tribe that fully (or almost) imprinted their gigas will be dealing 2360 more dmg if the 5 attack the same target, while the 1st tribe won't, let's not forget that the imprinted gigas will have more HP, lowering the chances to make them rage. Again, if you want to be competitive on PvP, you have to try to get the best taming effectiveness, and taming with mutton, prime or raw meat will never get you the same effectiveness as if taming with kibble (unless on boosted servers, but I'm talking about official ones).
  4. Megar

    PR Disaster

    Those didn't mention duping, griefing, waking up every 3-4 hours to do an imprint (on PvP, if you don't imprint your dinos, other tribe will do, and that tribe will be more powerful than you; wiping you), taming a dino for more than 2 hours without kibble, the game being unplayeable if you're less than 10 people and if you want to succed on PvP.
  5. Megar

    Crafting skill useless with Caped BP

    That's just RNG, you might craft one of the MC and get to 240%, 250%, while with the 250 you secure the cap.
  6. The devs have to be nice when talking to their playerbase lol, if not, the game won't have that much attention & players.
  7. Megar

    Ark: Aberration - Master Thread

    Nope, modders will have access to the DLC, and they might put it on another map, so players that haven't got the DLC can enjoy the DLC content. Ah, I forgot to say, if the map is great, they might add it to official servers, so that people on official without the DLC will have access to that content for free, while others payed at least 20€.
  8. Megar

    Ark: Aberration - Master Thread

    Yeah, like SE stuff, totally useless on The Island. Wyverns, Whips, Preserving Salt, Elemental Rocks, etc
  9. Megar

    Ark: Aberration - Master Thread

    Modders can get all the new stuff from that map, make a mod, and put that in another map (Ragnarok, basically). You could buy dinos too, basically official PvP people are only gonna buy it if there's an OP dino that will be nerfed once they all get that dino. Also, a forum mod said that this can happen, and you know that before buying the DLC.
  10. Megar

    We were promised something?

    I mean, knowing that they delayed the relase 20ish days, delaying again is pretty meh, really?
  11. A billion is btw, 135,000,000M is 1.35/10 of a billionth if I'm not wrong.
  12. They got sued like a year ago and forced to pay 45M or something like that.
  13. Megar

    ETA on more servers?

    Putting fewer servers is making a lot of people unable to play, reducing their playerbase. DILO, and why they hadn't add a lot more since people started to complain.
  14. Can you please stop saying people to move on unofficials/whatever? If they wanna play official maybe because their tribe plays on it, he's gonna play official servers. Can he complain about it? Yeah