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  1. Ayy left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for a quick and efficient pickup on arrival at your server and great trade :)

    ARKT0PIA was The Seller

  2. MurjyFranky left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Fast and easy Trade. Will trade again....

    ARKT0PIA was The Seller

  3. Julianffs left Positive feedback   

    Fast and easy trade ! Friendly and really Nice trader :) Highly recommended, Thanks :)

    ARKT0PIA was The Seller

  4. DragonEdge left Positive feedback   

    Very awesome trader. HIghly recommend this trade for anyone searching for dinos. They aim to please and always do amazing trades :)

    ARKT0PIA was The Seller

  5. Wanny759 left Positive feedback   

    Very friendly and patient trader. Would definitely trade with them again and recommend. :-)

    ARKT0PIA was The Seller

  6. Isho left Positive feedback   

    Quick and trustworthy trader!

    ARKT0PIA was The Seller

  7. TotoGeek left Positive feedback   

    Was fun trade :D, recomended 100%

    ARKT0PIA was The Seller

  8. Hussar left Positive feedback   

    Great deal. no issues and was patient while i transferred my materials to him with the lag issues.

    ARKT0PIA was The Seller

  9. Rubble left Positive feedback   

    Nice smooth easy trade Great Trader

    ARKT0PIA was The Seller

  10. Drugan left Positive feedback   

    Prompt and very helpful . Would definitely trade again. Thanks again!

    ARKT0PIA was The Seller

  11. retrophone left Positive feedback   

    Very Fast trade and very trustworthy people. Would happily trade again and hopefully soon :)

    ARKT0PIA was The Seller

  12. BlueFox91 left Positive feedback   

    Great breeder. Very responsive! I am enjoying my desert Allosaurus very much! Would do business with again :)

    ARKT0PIA was The Seller

  13. Melfunction left Positive feedback   

    Great deals and great trade. Recommended.

    ARKT0PIA was The Seller

  14. Dalf left Positive feedback   

    He organised a trade whit his Tribechef...was all perfect and got what was promised...would trade again

    ARKT0PIA was Trading

  15. wolfbastion left Positive feedback   

    Awsome trade, fast and smoothless. thanks a lot

    ARKT0PIA was Trading

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