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  1. scamming players scamming players should a code of conduct and should be banned because its disrespectful and down right rude
  2. server keeps going down I have been on 985 EU PVE Extinction xbox and is now not coming up anymore. It went down with a ping of 240 and need to tranfer my player off that server for good anyone have the same problem
  3. Paint ? I play on Xbox how do you get custom paint from the PC to Xbox ? i watch YouTube about it still not showing up on official server or Xbox
  4. keep Dc every time i log in and play 10 mins ans then dc fix the game come on
  5. Players need to boycott the game no fixes are being made keeps crashing and tames keep getting lose because servers can not handle players that what happens when a company thinks about money not the product. Servers are over crowded and to switch servers keeps crashing,Hill are floating flowers and rocks more and more players are sick of the waiting for hrs just to play on a server as my self waited 4 hrs just to join the server just to get kick out 5 mins later come on Ark team.  Very unhappy with , I feel this is a waste of 60 dollars i could have bought call of duty 


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