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  1. Tribe size is the issue.. not the size of the map.. Honestly tribes shouldn't be more than 10 players. for PvP.. it a gamebreaker.. everyone knows it.. Alpha tribes knows this also.. thats why they are Alpha.
  2. Whats the point?

    Well, that was what he wanted to hear.. As far as I know, 4 or the 5 duping hacks was fixed..
  3. Titanosaur Climb Limit

    Kill it for XP? Or kite it into the ocean
  4. Item transfer timer and wyverns

    Daeodon and stiumants works only on a higher rate server.. But sure buys you time to get milk.
  5. ORP has just way to many bugs atm.. the only thing about PvP thats get me.. and I guess this might be for all.. Is the size of tribes.. tribes of 10 people should be max. Honestly Alpha tribes of 70 players, are normally 10 - 15 players and the rest are slaves.. But if the world would fall to a zombie apocalypse, this is proof of what the world would become.. because deep down inside there is more "bad guys" than good.
  6. We used the Daeodon healing on wyvrens so many times.. on higher rated servers its possible to raise an army of wyvrens at once useing this, but on a x1 server, you cant.. but you can buy yourself time farming milk.. the torpor raises and you'll be farming stimberries non stop, full time till they are raised. .the first 8 - 12 hours you might be able to manage the torpor, but after that, its a pain. One milk versus a Daeodon and stimberries, I would rather just go get milk.
  7. Day Zero: Server Information

    ARK on a budget bud.. a few stones in life.. but 2Gb I can manage.. Now.. 3:34pm going home in less than 30min.. then its play, play, play.. might eat somewhere in between..
  8. Day Zero: Server Information

    Sitting at work.. wondering if I have enough data left to complete the updates.
  9. Day Zero: Server Information

    Any news on the update.. or GB size?
  10. We finally got wiped...

    that's some very valid points that could be raised to the developers. things like the smittys should stay open.. even with raid protection. I mean.. protect them from being destroyed.. if you leave a door open, you need to pay the price.. maybe offline protection should also have a timer. say 48hours.. then you loose your protection. ( not auto destroy ) so noob areas with small thatch houses and campfires can be destroyed like any other PvP server if left unattended for more than 48hours. once a tribe member logs in, the timers should expire immediately and a fresh timer should start once the last tribe member logs off.
  11. Last request before we become legacy

    I don't mind being offline raided.. but killing tames offline is harsh.. I vote for ORP on PvP servers.. its Player vs Player after all.. not players vs my unattended body passed out in a bed .. unless that's your thing. I bet you get load of girls that way. there should be a lot of undefended bases left on legacy servers you can go raid. no base in unraidable when everyone is offline.
  12. Why did sotf die?

    It still have the old UI.. painful to use.. SotF still need a lot of work.. its got a lot of potential
  13. We finally got wiped...

    offline PvP if ARKS biggest flaw
  14. We finally got wiped...

    I sort of like the ORP server idea.. out of all the time I have been raided.. only once was it done when we were online.. it was a blast. and even loosing cause we didn't see the raid comeing. it was fun.. intense, 3 hour adrenaline rush.. compared to the disappointment when you get online and all your tames are dead, and structures were destroyed. I mean it's PvP and all.. I LOVE PvP.. the idea of Player vs my base when I'm not there. not so much.. Our tribe is not big.. by no means.. were all working people and were all offline at the same working office hours. and most of us.. we need some sleep aswell.
  15. Can I get some Solo Breeding/raising tips

    I use both.. I normally start by filling all the trofs and the babies with rawmeat and preserving salts.. then when I log off I add as much cooked meat I have and some babies I also add jerky with preserving salts... That's kinda works.. but I have kibble aswell. and I know they last sooooo much longer. breeding Rex's, imprinting they ask for random kibble.. from now I'll just place the rest in the babies Jerky might be easier to make.. but kibble is faster if you already have loads of eggs.. and sometimes I have eggs for dino's, I don't really need to make into kibble. Now I can use those.