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  1. Am I dumb or is it the alphas?

    Raiding rex'se with Tek saddles only need HP, the damage comes from the tek cannons, no point in adding melee. So if your breeding for those stats, and the bloodline you created also works for boss fights, why have two sets of rex's when its working. Pure Rex vs Boss battles are slowly declining.. and that's a good thing.. more and more players are adding therizinosaurus, yutyrannus and daeodon into the mix for damage, healing and stat buffs.. unless you want to keep to the Rex only boss fights, you are correct and you can pump more Melee into your Rex's your useing for bossfights.
  2. Better Saddles

    best BP still comes for fishing.. proper fishing pole leech blood.. and a bag of patience.. MC or better fishing pole will give you better BP than red drops.. or you can farm desert of deep see drops.. but continues cave runs vs fishing.. I'll have more BP in the same amount of time.
  3. Kibble farm is causing to many Tames.. its affecting PvE servers. Question is, if you dont need so many Dinos for a Kibble farm, wouldn't you just continue taming other dinos till you reach the dino cap anyway? This is mainly around PvE..
  4. RIP Bosses

    Mixing REX'se with the wyvrens, will get you killed.. the second attack from the wyvrens still kills you. either be on a similar class wyvren.. or RUN AWAY! Manticore spawns Griffens so you kill them with guns and compound bows.. Wyvrens attacking the maniticore, stay on the platform and if you survive the Griffen attacks just stay on the platform and let the wyvrens do the work. the Golems cant reach the wyvrens and will kill the one's that passes out.. and they dont come up the platform. you can farm elements that way, since you just need to heal your wyvrens and go again. doing 3 - 5 Gamma runs is more element than a Beta or Alpha, and you dont constantly lose a few Rex's or Wyvrens. But this is only if you intended to farm elements on SE..
  5. Best Late Game Dino's

    PvP? PvE? PvE... -- you need 3-4 of every kibble Dino, just to imprint your Rex's. to get to boss fights. PvP... -- you need 3-4 of every kibble Dino, just to imprint your Rex's. to get to boss fights. and a proper base.. and other dino's for farming, and more dino's for defending.. Hidden small base with generator and fridge for storing Eggs in case you get raided and loose all your stuff. or .. just a few dodo's for kibble and you trusty Pteranodon...
  6. Even in PvP a giga sort of a mood point.. Its not your end game PvP dino either.. no one put in stamina, so they are slow, cant run far, cant fit anywhere, cant be transported on anything without breaking game mechanics But we do have Gigas, and we once used it to stop some golems draining turrets, we got exited and tamed and breeded a few more. but never used them again.. on PvE I would see them as totally useless.. even for farming prime.. or anything else..
  7. Are boss summoning based on maps

    you can use rex'se on SE to kill the Manticore. It lands often enough.. mixing wyvrens into the fight, it will damage all other dino's and players, unless its wyvrens of the same class, meaning only take lighting wyvrens or only fire.. if you mix them, fire damage lightning and poisen wyvrens.. and so on..
  8. The wyvren landing AI amazes me every time I land.. From mindlessly pointing it face in the ground weaving forward and backwards to just circling around a spot to land miles away, on the most awkward location imaginable. but the animation does look nice, and would be sad if removed. just don't make it wonder where to land.. I can mind control the beast to stand its ground and die if it must, but I cant tell it where to land? facing the jaws of a deathworm is nothing compared to bumping it's toe on a oddly placed rock?
  9. Therizinosaurus way overpowered

    was funny and entertaining to read.. one killed some of our breeding Rex's. But tame one and use it as a mount? they are easy enough to tame.
  10. Specialized Containers

    sounds like you have to many point in speed and not enough in weight?
  11. Turn off AC's (SE)

    I wouldnt need this is the generator have auto on and auto off function. Lets say when the wind turbine is running and making power the generator turns off, and if the turbine stops the generator turns on.
  12. Plumming pipes idee..

    Hi Ark Dev This issue was addressed in the S+ structures mod, but please consider adding a extra flexible water pipe fitting .. many time you just want to place the pipes in such a way that there isn't a web of cross section pipes to you crops or adding a Industrial Cooker you almost have to all the water works over again so the cooker isn't placed in a odd midway to the roof location. Even if its just an extension piece that acts like a garden house, so you can connect any water works without webbing multiple cross section pipes.
  13. The tapaj with a tek saddle can maneuver to get into just about the perfect location to shoot.. They are almost useless without the tek saddle, since the griffen will be way better mount that can also carry more than one player, can also draw a weapon in mid air.. and is way faster with the dive.
  14. Tribe size is the issue.. not the size of the map.. Honestly tribes shouldn't be more than 10 players. for PvP.. it a gamebreaker.. everyone knows it.. Alpha tribes knows this also.. thats why they are Alpha.
  15. Whats the point?

    Well, that was what he wanted to hear.. As far as I know, 4 or the 5 duping hacks was fixed..