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  1. all I want to do is imprint my Dinos when I'm at work.. Guess this will not help me much, at my current setup
  2. Even with just a limit of only 44 levels you can still become a big early game tribe and have a rather large base with many tames.. I think lots of players will stay on the servers. I like the idea.
  3. 4253 hours and counting..
  4. Firstly.. YES. OMG .. I was worried my graphics card was packing up. cause it happens after some time playing, and just closing and opening ark resolved it.
  5. there is a hand tool you can craft to repair the item without a smithy..
  6. As far as the TLC update.. the Argy saddle is still not working properly? its been fixed as a smithy saddle, and I can craft. But I cant repair gear as I would in a normal smithy,. Also.. The fabricator. It would have been nice if the fabricator would have replaced the smithy, similar to the replicator replaces both...
  7. Why would anyone level weight on a Ankley? Melee to the max.. Weight is purely carried by the Queztel. Also... Time to start getting into breeding those Gigas as personal mounts for bossfights..
  8. ARK on a budget bud.. a few stones in life.. but 2Gb I can manage.. Now.. 3:34pm going home in less than 30min.. then its play, play, play.. might eat somewhere in between..
  9. Sitting at work.. wondering if I have enough data left to complete the updates.
  10. Any news on the update.. or GB size?
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