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  1. Yster

    speed Gotta go fast !

    whats your Dino levels? if you have level 400 or 500 Dinos with 1000% speed? Dinos is slow moving.. there is a few I would consider fast, but nothing to the point where the animation is distorted.
  2. if they hit the bronto for 2K damage at a time, the server also have the turret damage increased. but with a x100 server you can just go tame 400 - 600 in a day or two and just mass walk up to his base..
  3. Yster

    How long to wait between dino uploads?

    its not a PvP or PvE thing is the duping thing..
  4. Yster

    Better Unofficial PvP Server Longevity?

    the server i play on is also getting a refresh wipe this weekend. Oddly enough to see a post highlighting the exact issues were facing. .. or were playing on the same server. lol
  5. the server is tamed capped.. even if you tribe tame numbers are low you still over the servers limit.
  6. Yster

    Argy can't pick up anky

    on some PvE setting you cant pickup any dino? maybe its just a setting. have you tried to pickup any other tamed or wild Dinos?
  7. Yster

    SmallTribe Rules

    I would wait to see who is winning then kill whats left of the wining tribe and take all the loot.. is it against the rules to raid two tribes at once?
  8. Yster

    Good Base location for SP

    build in purple zone. make sure you have maxed the turret limit with Tek and heavies. get he force field up and make sure everyone gets as much shards in the generator as they can.. o wait your on SP? build any where you want.. the maps is your to conquer
  9. Yster

    How to defeat Rockwell?

    we have done Alpha on rockdarkes with a few tanky dinos on wondering and aggressive to keep the reapers busy.. Rock drakes with all the points into HP and a decent saddle with a shotgun with 250% damage. you can just shoot down the energy balls. and the reapers will mostly get stuck fighting you stegos or turtles, or other tanky Dinos you want to use. its not easy, so doing a few gamma runs just to get use to the arena and your good to do Alpha. gamma is easy.. its run and pew pew.. I'm pretty sure with 4 turtles and a rockdrake I can solo Beta Rockwell..
  10. Yster

    When does it become harassment?

    Sounds like PvE gets boring really quickly and people are looking for something to do.
  11. Yster

    Transfers ruin pvp

    Most people dont like mega tribes.. thats the whole reason WC made the small tribe servers.. the fact that they are popular at the moment is a direct opposite fact to your statement, honestly small tribe servers are the place to be in PvP.. you have a some time to build and defend against a tribe of 6 or less players.. building on a server with a alpha tribe with 500 plus members. makes it so you log to a blown up base every day.. sure you'll get raided on a small tribe server, but you'll also raid a few bases.
  12. Yster

    PvP and undermeshing

    you can only be undermeshed if you building in a cave or something similar.. if your under mapped to meshed. its sort of your own fault.
  13. Yster

    Mouse not hitting button in game.

    check you resolution scaling. Its not a ARK bug.. ( unbelievable I know ) its display card driver or D3D error..
  14. we had the same issue.. not so long ago. tribe join in raids.. but there is a secret weapon we are using now.. pheromone darts.. it looks like some idiot pressed J.. but make a video of them joining in the fight. and you can report them.