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  1. I honestly think cryo pods are way OP.. Our tribe just about cleared 5 caves with cryo'ed Dinos. we cleared the center bearcave with golems.. where you could never get anything in there. golems soaks a lot of turrets, just before it dies crawl in behind him cryo him, turrets gets you, but you friend grappel your body and saves the golem. repeat.. getting artifacts, easy.. cryo theris after the choke points. its only 300 seconds if I need to through a second tame. I can clear just about any cave with a Theri.. clear the tavern of lost hope with a fast ichy and reaper. just swap mounts when needed. in a PvP server cryos made everything easier.. smaller base to setup, I can keep 700 dinos in a 4x4 base.. so if I get raided i can save all my dinos in a hidden base. sitting at the obbi, wait for that someone to cryo his dino just before he jumps servers.. easy kill and a free dino? but one easy fix, dont allow you to un cryo a dino close to an enemy foundation. I would not like it, but its a good idee.. atleast do it for PvP, but dont remove the cryo pods in PvP. it does help keeping my Dinos safe in a smaller base
  2. Its funny.. only if you know Linux. But honestly Linux and Mac doesnt get much support around games. there is a lot of high end Mac systems that cant get the game running. linux is a lot more DIY and drivers and Unreal engine was ported to a popular distro.. and running nightly version of drivers to get some sort of FPS causes other apps to glitch out..
  3. the server i play on is also getting a refresh wipe this weekend. Oddly enough to see a post highlighting the exact issues were facing. .. or were playing on the same server. lol
  4. you can only be undermeshed if you building in a cave or something similar.. if your under mapped to meshed. its sort of your own fault.
  5. all I want to do is imprint my Dinos when I'm at work.. Guess this will not help me much, at my current setup
  6. We did RAG alpha boss with 7 Rex and 7 reapers.. we even jumped to bite the manticore in mid air a few times. no saddles needed.. Hide when you dont want to use them, in PvP you drop a wyvren with the snot and a few bites later its dead.. they are pretty darn easy to get..
  7. Even with just a limit of only 44 levels you can still become a big early game tribe and have a rather large base with many tames.. I think lots of players will stay on the servers. I like the idea.
  8. 4253 hours and counting..
  9. Firstly.. YES. OMG .. I was worried my graphics card was packing up. cause it happens after some time playing, and just closing and opening ark resolved it.
  10. there is a hand tool you can craft to repair the item without a smithy..
  11. As far as the TLC update.. the Argy saddle is still not working properly? its been fixed as a smithy saddle, and I can craft. But I cant repair gear as I would in a normal smithy,. Also.. The fabricator. It would have been nice if the fabricator would have replaced the smithy, similar to the replicator replaces both...
  12. I managed to get a Assendent BP for rockdrakes on a surface drop.. from that, a similar level reaper king is toast. so from a different standpoint Rockdrakes are OP and reapers SUCK! considering I can even take down a wild reaper queen with a rock drake, there is no way you can say they are weak. I do have a MASSIVE issue with them, but that for a different day. cause a little lag makes it unable to glide.. and if your over the purple river, your minus a rock drake.
  13. Jellyfish in the open ocean is easy to deal with.. almost all water dinos can eat them up if you approach then slowly and start biting early.. but in the cave they get you by surprise.. And a basilo will be much better.
  14. Why would anyone level weight on a Ankley? Melee to the max.. Weight is purely carried by the Queztel. Also... Time to start getting into breeding those Gigas as personal mounts for bossfights..
  15. That will encourage players to only raid offline.. If I need 15min to blow a single door way.. and killing dinos with explosives or rockets is a total waste of resources and time.
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