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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. you said your new to the game.. just start over on unofficial.
  2. Ark hates pvp players...

    Sadly your understanding of DDoS is also limited to you.. and maybe a few , more technical players.. but DDoS is still running everyday by players in an attempt to find more exploits. New exploits.. I had 2 reports that was confirmed by battleeye, WC is working on.. So even with people constantly looking for newer, better exploits, I cant say WC issn't doing anything about it.. as far as PvP are concerned I do agree there is a few more things WC can improve. IF you find out about an exploit, report it.. Don't come here and cry about it. report it..
  3. Ravager - Direwolf - Sabertooth

    Baryonyx?? its got the same size hitbox.. For caves the Barry wins hands down.. as good as the wolfs/ravangers/wolfs are.. the Bary is still my fav.. you can breed eggs to hatch at once over a weekend.. where all the rest is a single baby from a female.. and gestation periods can't be done in advance. damages is higher. up to 5 times higher when solo. twice the HP.. swims and spins stun, no oxygen.. only drawback is that is doesnt eat meat.. only fishmeat.
  4. turrets and tames

    Just harvest species X on Rag and bring them to Aberration.. But plant Species Z around your base it will stop nameless from spawning into you base. I have all my ravangers on follow a dino and set to aggressive. so if something spawns in the base they are killed. but some one can lure them out and away.
  5. Biotoxin bug

    This has been a bug for some time now.. and still a issue.. Well sort of. You can easily replicate the bug by standing next to a tamed dino and feed it Narcotics, can be any narcotic, the torpor will climb to 7.5 and not move.. be careful as the to amount you feed it, this prolongs the effect. but lets force feed your dino 100 narcoberries. wait a min or so, and you'll see there is not increase in the torpor effect. but climb on the dino to ride it and the torpor start climbing.. depending on the amount and torpor of the Dino it might soon pass out. getting off the Dino or feeding it stimberrries lowers the torpor effect again.. I once bred out a Spino and left it overnight to grow, and it outgrown the overhanging rockface it was standing and hoped to make it pass out and stand up, and hopefully be unstucked. 400 biotoxan later I was unsure as to the why the torpor doesnt increase over 7.5.. so I tried whipping it and getting on it again.. and then flashing purple on the edges.. and the torpor increase.. so I got off. and the torpor stopped.. getting back on.. caused the torpor in increase till it passed out. to my luck the spino stood up and glided/slipped from under the rockface.
  6. At last the update came.. the playing ground fixed... Thank you WC.. The tribe in question now said in global we have till Saturday to raid them, then they will be pop-corning their vaults. they do sound sour. I think cheaters are leaving either way, banned or not..
  7. were all building towards a big battle.. and some people really enjoys the match to see if your defenses hold up, your dinos that you bred and never used, are the war machine you hope they are. then some people get unset and rage quit.. there is fair, and unfair pvp battles.. this idee of a single player griefing you day after day after day is not a good thing. but a proper raid and defense is always a a fun part for me. Also , if you have a nvidia card. hit the ATL+Z key and start the recording..
  8. I honestly hope they NEVER consider this. If legacy server population are low, they can bring over the hardware as a new clean map..
  9. Mantis vs Ankylo for solo metal farming?

    ankley have weight reduction on metal.. and can have a lot of weight leveled into it. also. Solo farming a ravager have a lot of weight and also have weight reduction on metal. I have an ankley with just over 700 melee and farms more metal from a single node than my best ascendant pick, that constantly needs repairing. but then I only use that Ankley with a quetz.. but still.. nothing beats an ankley in metal farming. Aberration is metal heaven.
  10. Bullet soaking dinos

    That will encourage players to only raid offline.. If I need 15min to blow a single door way.. and killing dinos with explosives or rockets is a total waste of resources and time.
  11. Mantis and Titanoboa

    dimetrodon needs to be in water I think. Same with a sacro. I got 3x more eggs once I placed from in shallow water.
  12. Why don't more people play Aberration?

    Its the same as Scorch Earth was in the beginning, then they released Ragnarok. it contains all the SE dinos and bio dome, so why bother with SE anymore? It was new and everyone played it.. I guess soon there will be more maps, free maps that contains all the Aberration Dinos. Ragnarok is huge.. I cant see any reason going to Aberration other than get some Dinos tamed and moved to Rag. And Honestly.. Aberration was poorly thought out.. I mean releasing a DLC where you just copied and paste other Dino's AI.. so you'll need kibble to tame Dino's that doesnt even exist on on the map was a joke to be honest.. But .. seeing that your suppose to be able to move around maps and not only have a base on Aberration, its was acceptable I guess. We had a large kibble farm on Ragnarok, so it didn't bother us as all, but if your not playing on a official server or cluster with all the maps. that's one of many mistakes WC made. moving eggs around in the beginning. So if you feel like aberration is a real challenge, you never played SE when it first came out.
  13. transfer

    I wouldn't say it was noobs saying it.. Patch 275.4 Aberration:- Doubled the number of supply ceates per zone and made them last twice as long unless you posted that before 275.4 . It was hard to leave. now not so much..
  14. Raft spamming in PvE

    you can lure dinos into a dodo pen..