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  1. Quenche

    Day Zero: Server Information

    Please be back for your dictionary definition Durch, I can't handle this confusion.
  2. Quenche

    Day Zero: Server Information

    PC, PVE xP Yourself? And fair enough
  3. Quenche

    Day Zero: Server Information

    I feeeeeeeeel you Assuming you got an energy drink on hand too?
  4. Quenche

    Day Zero: Server Information

    Staying awake all night for this was not a good idea....xD
  5. Quenche

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Woot! Legacy server! Happy days
  6. GG on that list for this Tuesday devs...Not like half the tribes playing your game are already stressed as it is with moving to a new server.
  7. Yeah I agree with you there raptor. I mean, hell, it's tuesday, 7pm EST, where is this list already? I play on a low pop server and am concerned we might be on that list Gonna be interesting migrating all the stuff to another server, or having to start fresh. We'll see.
  8. I think it would be a really cool idea to allow whips gather your crops. Similar to how you can gather up all the resources of berries, poop, etc, if you could gather crops with a whip, that would make crops much more convenient. Just a thought ^^
  9. Hello! So I just created a new tribe under the new tribe tab in these forums. I noticed, upon creating it, that I can't seem to change the privacy settings. I would like to change this back to open so I can have others check out what the tribe has to offer before they try to actually join and such. With that in mind, I think it would be a great idea to allow the privacy of a tribe created to be changed. This seems like the only option that isn't changeable at this time, and it would really help those who made a general mistake upon picking a privacy setting for their newly created Tribe on these forums. If, however, this is changeable, I have no idea where to find it lol. So would greatly appreciate someone informing me if there is a way to change it if so. Have a wonderful day!
  10. Quenche


    An interesting suggestion would be time in chat. Now what I mean by this is having each message sent through chat have a specific time it was sent (can use game server time as a time). This would help greatly for various things, such as claiming lands/dinos that have been abandoned by players, taming and breeding times sent via tribe members, that way you don't have to reask the time the message was sent at. I know a lot of games have times next to when it was sent, and it has always been very helpful to see if that message was sent hours ago, and that player might not be online, or if that player might be online. Either way, I think it would be very convenient to have.
  11. Quenche

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Breeding and hatching eggs today, fun fun fun! Also planned on going to swamp cave for some quality fishing rods, but haven't had the time to do so Might go today? Not sure yet
  12. Quenche

    Make Bears Great Again!

    Bears can be useful still! They make a good mount in the caves! Mind you, nothing compared to the saber mind you, but they still have their use as a good mount in the caves. I can agree however, about at least harvesting and utility.
  13. Quenche

    Please include an Auto-Run button

    PLEASE add this to the game. I miss this action on my other games I play This would greatly help those long trips like metal runs, oil runs, and just general long distance travel. That convenience would be GREATLY appreciated!!
  14. Quenche

    Grinding XP - Share Some Good Methods

    That's actually a fantastic idea. I never thought of that! I've been basically using a tribe member crafting narcotics to get my dinos up. Small exp but it definitely helps for the beginning level ups of a newly tamed dino, especially if you don't have prereqs for grinder. I've also tested this with sparkpowder, but doesn't seem to give enough exp compared to narcotics.
  15. Quenche

    Your ARK Stories!

    I started ARK after binging off of some minecraft about a month ago. I saw several footages of the game and said hey, why not give it a shot. I literally did not have ANY friends on steam, mind you, I barely used steam as it was. So after several attempts at a decent server, checking forums, etc, I came across this small group of aussies who wanted to make a city in a PVE server. Been running with these guys ever since, server is a lot of fun, even though its an OC Official one, and can't really stop idiots from being idiots, but not much room to complain.