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  1. Uploading dinos to store them?

    As it's about obelisk transfers, nothing against boss fights in the wiki
  2. Uploading dinos to store them?

    it's mostly an idea for small (home) servers as this would greatly break game balancing on big servers - and I'm not sure if there's a workaround to the dino upload limit. On the other hand you got the upload screen holding an index which could help against bad memory. The tek transmitter would do the same thing...
  3. Hi guys, as I'm running my own server at home for LAN play, I was wondering if it's possible to (ab)use the obelisk up- and download for dino storage by giving the options in the GameUserSettings.ini extremely high values like 315360000 seconds (10 years) TributeItemExpirationSeconds TributeDinoExpirationSeconds TributeCharacterExpirationSeconds Some more background on this: When I'm on my server we're about 1-3 playersin total. We're breeding quite some Dinos for the sake of babies as we love caring for them. (Yes, we recycle bad dinos). But the big problem is space (don't just tell me to expand my base or build a bigger one!). After having a breeding pool of about 5-10 animals the idea came up of uploading them for storage until we get the other dinos needed into the breeding environment. In the end obelisk uploads would be cross map compatible AND allow us to greatly reduce food costs. Cheers Rei
  4. Private Server, Map changes - possible?

    I'm on Linux due to Licensing questions, on a virtual machine - so I'm on 8 GB RAM which allows me to run one server at a time.
  5. Private Server, Map changes - possible?

    I guess running 2 servers would be overkill here as I would have to drag in extra hardware to feed the beast. On the other hand it's too many animals around on our tribe we really care for. Equipment is easily replaceable, but 'home' (in terms of where the heart is) isn't.
  6. Hi guys, I know this might sound a bit typical for a girl, but I am attached to some Dinos on my current map. On the other hand I'd like to try other maps with my significant other, leaving the old map intact to be able to get back to it and feed my beloved and hand raised Rex that saved my digital bottom more than once by now. Is it possible to switch back and forth between maps or is there any way to get around tribe permission problems? Cheers Rei
  7. Dino vs Sleep

    @DemetriusJust looking at the screenshot here, this doesn't look like standing. I have to agree with @MrJoseph as the sleeping dino looks cute.
  8. Dino vs Sleep

    Regarding different behavior, I tend to miss some passive taming stuff as well. I wouldn't mind feeding some random Dinos around me when having too many berries in my inventory - you know: I hate wasting food
  9. Dino vs Sleep

    Hi guys, looking at my little Megalosaurus noctedominus napping, I was thinking about what it would be if the other dinos would be sleeping/resting at night. That would add another aspect of planning to the game as you can't just raid at night without proper planning. On the other hand, you'd have a completely different world at night wanting to chew on you... At the current state of the game if I'm a fresh character I just keep close to a bunch of Vegetarians to keep the raptor packs off from chewing my ass off... comments? ideas? cheers Rei
  10. Patch 269 Delay

    Regarding the date, they didn't state a year... so I wouldn't say they're off schedule (sarcasm off) As far as I know ARK stuff happens in Florida, where they've got some issues with 'Irma' and some power outages. In other words, it's quite hard to work on stuff while your life is in danger and you're out of power.
  11. your funny moments in Ark?

    Another one here. My spouse and I were trying to rebuild and improve our base. Due to the complete redesign we literally had to start from scratch as we had to shorten our "daily mileage" in our base. As the generator was gone, of course, the fridge was out of order. But luckily a Bronti walked by. So I rushed out, jumped on my best Rex and attacked the Bronti in sight. The corpse of the giant took off and made a solid landing on me and my Rex. Instant K.O Luckily my spouse could collect all of the meat and dragged me inside as she forgot which dino kept the stim stuff.
  12. Hi fellow dino cuddlers, I am playing ARK since quite a while and I have came across many situations where I have to laugh a lot if I think back of them - and I guess I'm not the only one. Have a good one? Here's mine: At the island I got a bit nervous after a series of raptor attacks and bad luck which resulted in a nervous index finger, if you know what I mean. As I wasn't too far away from my base I decided to push through and get my ass back into safety when I heard a noise right of me. Without really thinking I just turned to the source of the noise pulling the trigger and emptying the whole clip of the assault riffle at the creature standing there. Poor dodo. By now we're still laughing quite hard about that incident.
  13. Tek riffle not cooling down correctly

    Breakage would still be an issue. Not sure if it's intentional, but rather disturbing fighting an overseer.
  14. Hi guys, I noticed the Tek Riffle not cooling down while not in use Expected behavior: Riffle cools down while not in use Actual behavior: Riffle does not cool down while not in your hands How to reproduce the bug: Get a Tek riffle Get some Element Shoot until riffle overheats select a different weapon / tool wait for some time switch back to the tek riffle and watch it still being too hot
  15. - Endboss and Ascension.

    So far some info I discovered: The so called End boss is a tek monster in a rather cold environment that transforms into the various end bosses. I have to admit that I was able to beat it on the easiest mode and I am not amused by the length of that fight and the fact that tek riffles only cool down when in hands...