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  1. Alright: First base is growing. We can handle more builders. Personal transport breeding is already established and so is a good equipment.
  2. ToeiRei

    Single player problems on a server

    I usually kite my new Dino to be to a more safe area or - if possible - grab it with a bird. But the long distance often is annoying. I found a mod which I will check out later.
  3. That dark theme is also hard to read - for my taste.
  4. Hi guys, I'm playing on an unofficial server which I call my home. It's something I use for the constant time as I love to log on and see what has happened while I had a nap. But there is one thing that bugs me most, which is the hunting for some specific dino on the map. Now the big thing is, my bird - which I use for transportation - is a big burden to me while taming. Is there a way to send it home? Cheers Rei
  5. ToeiRei

    The aging dinosaurs on PVE servers

    I wouldn't want my special dinos to die because of age. As said before, the only thing that works is a cap that forces you to get rid of some dinos and do some managing there. Taking your example on my play style: I'm breeding some Rex until I have a fine pair of them. Now those two are my 'blueprints' for the other Rex which I use for common meat runs and stuff (=workers) so I do not need to worry about them getting hurt. Now I'm off for a month as I need to work in Real Life, my blueprint dinos would die off and I'm at point blank again having to start from almost zero due to the fact that I only had one 'worker'-Rex left. Thanks a ton, that would be a pain in the rear end.
  6. Hi guys, Apologizes first if this post is in the wrong section, but I have absolutely no idea on where to put it. The title might sound a bit crazy, but I'd like to start an experiment about builders and the creative mode. Let's face it: Creative mode let's you just pump out buildings as you go and it's more or less not much of a problem. But what about doing it with all the gathering done in the background? Sadly my building skills are more or less pretty bad and I do not have the nerve to get things beyond 'over sized shoe-boxes'. That's where your part starts: What I would like to test out is if two players are actually capable of grinding up enough resources for the building on our default mod-set which is as follows: Upgrade Station Classical Flyers Automated Ark MyElement Ark Steampunk Mod (currently being evaluated, may be dropped) Structures Plus The rules are simple: Keep things running without killing basic infrastructure used for getting the resources Teamwork with any other builders and the grinding team If you do not have the engram for building something, we craft it for you as you order it Server is private - do not share the password. Be creative For building we'd like to use meaningful things like Stone, Wood, Metal as this is something which should be farm-able at a reasonable rate on that rather fresh server. We offer: Materials for building Protection Initial Drop-Base (3x3 tower as a starting point) for new places Logistics including a personal transport (as soon as the breeding pen is ready) You offer: Creativity Teamwork Fun on building Interested? Message me for details or join our discord server at https://go.stargazer.at/discord Cheers Rei
  7. ToeiRei

    Playing with dinos?

    Hi guys, I was sitting next to my spouse when she was talking about her little Baby Dino, referring to her beloved Karkinos. This is where I realized that we usually have them as vehicles or just tools - which is pretty much sad as I'd wish there would be a few more possibilities to interact with them. As a simple example playing 'fetch' with a raptor where you'd throw a stick and it would be returned. Not a big killer feature, but I'd see it in the area of PvE.... or brushing the fur of some beast.... Feeding the berries found in the last raptor as loot to some other Herbivore standing around... I guess you get the idea what I'm aiming at. That way we could even give the user some little buff like a bound to the animal making it more like a living creature instead of an oversize tool. ... just my two cents including taxes, duties and lots of love for my Dino Rei
  8. ToeiRei

    Reaper and Nameless Connection?

    I would second that as both creatures fear the light.
  9. ToeiRei

    What is creative mode building?

    Sounds to me like you're speaking of S+....
  10. ToeiRei

    very strong wind + new status effect ?

    I was wondering about that too.
  11. ToeiRei

    Is Ragnarok's Missing world pieces part aberration?

    I messed around with a rock drake on Ragnarok and it was amazing. Especially in the canyons. On the other hand I would mind the story behind it all: You'd need radioactive spots to allow such mutations and have those harsh lands...
  12. ToeiRei

    Speed racing challenge

    Hi folks, I'm on a dedicated server on Ragnarok. Due to some 'map hopping' I decided to bring some of my beloved ones with me and I had the fun of taking a rock drake out for a ride today which turned out to be one of the fastest beasts I ever experienced. So I set up a test route: Start is the rock bridge at the northern end of the Viking Bay (eastern part, highest rock) - Goal is the hightest tower of the "Castle of the Swamp" Bridge -> Tower: 29.13 Sec Tower -> Bridge: 13.11 Sec ... giving a total time of 42.24 Sec. Could someone try the same route with other mounts and share their timings as a reference? Cheers Rei
  13. ToeiRei

    Uploading dinos to store them?

    As it's about obelisk transfers, nothing against boss fights in the wiki
  14. ToeiRei

    Uploading dinos to store them?

    it's mostly an idea for small (home) servers as this would greatly break game balancing on big servers - and I'm not sure if there's a workaround to the dino upload limit. On the other hand you got the upload screen holding an index which could help against bad memory. The tek transmitter would do the same thing...
  15. Hi guys, as I'm running my own server at home for LAN play, I was wondering if it's possible to (ab)use the obelisk up- and download for dino storage by giving the options in the GameUserSettings.ini extremely high values like 315360000 seconds (10 years) TributeItemExpirationSeconds TributeDinoExpirationSeconds TributeCharacterExpirationSeconds Some more background on this: When I'm on my server we're about 1-3 playersin total. We're breeding quite some Dinos for the sake of babies as we love caring for them. (Yes, we recycle bad dinos). But the big problem is space (don't just tell me to expand my base or build a bigger one!). After having a breeding pool of about 5-10 animals the idea came up of uploading them for storage until we get the other dinos needed into the breeding environment. In the end obelisk uploads would be cross map compatible AND allow us to greatly reduce food costs. Cheers Rei