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  1. Hmm, well as far as suggestions go, id love to see some more TLC going into a few different dinos. The following are dinos that Ive gathered more than a few opinions on and most agree they could all use a little tweaking, some more, some less. Mainly its the ones you just dont see anyone taming for anything, you dont see any demand at all for them anymore since the kibble revamp (not that I dislike the new kibble system, just an observation really.) and they are as follows: Carnotaurus, Archaeopteryx, Diplodocus, Dilophosaurus, Morrellatops, Megalodon, Lymantria, Lystrosaurus, Titanosaur (basically make it useful again though im not sure how), Gallimimus, Pachy, Araneo, Carbonemys, Dimetrodon, Chalicotherium, Daeodon, Dunkleosteus, Enforcer, Iguanadon, Kairuku, Mammoth, Manta, Megaloceros, Pelagornis, Phiomia, Pulmonoscorpius, Sabertooth, Stegosaurus, Tapejara, Terrorbird, Thylacolea, and the Vulture
  2. The artifacts and loot drops are not appearing where they are supposed to on ragnarok xbox official pvp servers.
  3. The artifacts are not spawning at all on any Xbox1 official Ragnarok pvp server. I've tried ice cave, labyrinth, and I'm fixing to check out ocean floor.
  4. Anything has to be better than the current system. "Help we are being meshed" 3 days later, they reply and ask for proof. Another 3 days they contact you to setup an appointment a week later. Sorry, but that's very poor customer service. If I was broke down on the side of the road and called for a tow and it took 2 weeks to get a response, you can bet I'd set fire to the building.
  5. Could it be possible to have a bot admin for each server, that could be alerted when such things happened? I understand that people would abuse said bot, either by spam or some other means, but if it could simply alert the dev's that their attention is needed at a moments notice, that would be much better I assume, than the current "submit a ticket" system.
  6. Apperaticus

    Favorite Tappys

    Pictures of Tappys mutations that I have owned, would love to own, and absolutely drool over!
  7. All about them Theris, and Tappys!!!  Can't get enough and love seeing them. Even plain ole tamed 1s. Always looking for more!!!!

  8. Is there any chance the bug where on non dedicated when you dismount the host cannot see you while wearing armor? Kinda of a drag to have to remove all armor and re-equip every time you mount and dismount

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