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  1. ADD Stone Structure Blueprints for : - Stone Foundation - Stone Ceiling - Stone Wall - Stone Windowframe - Stone Doorframe etc. Very usefull in a primitive or medieval environment.
  2. Also Wildcard develops games to earn money with it - obviously you cannot earn money with Prim+ ... so you do not invest in Prim+. Maybe we have to be honest and ask ourselves - are we ready to spend money for an ARK Prim+ again? I say - YES - I would also spend money for it! A new paid DLC - ARK Primitive Plus - - clean and coherent content - sensibly supplied with updates - maintained by WC if I am not the last / only one who mourns his beloved primitive Ark, you could bring this idea to WC.
  3. Oh man - this will also close the last primitive servers ... what happened to the promise that there will be at least one server for each game type? Since Primitive Plus is hardly playable there is no alternative ... very very sad.
  4. born on good old Primitive Servers - the community is torn into two camps - the classic primitive and primitive+. The integration of both worlds into one world means for many players a return to ARK and a common game world. PvE or PvP but also enough space for roleplay. DO IT!
  5. Integrate it into the main game Feedback from a German PC Player - part of the Legacy Primitive Community since 11/2015. There is no need for two Primitive Game Modes. I like the original Primitive Mode but i love Primitive Plus too ... Merge booth Mods and create a new rebalanced "Primitive Enhanced" mode.
  6. NO Winter Wonderland 2018 on official PrimitivPlus Servers! What's the matter with you? Why are we so neglected?? PLEASE WC activates the event also on the official PrimitivPlus Servers!
  7. Thank you WC for continuing to support Ark! WC - please also look at a very loyal fan community - the players on Primitive+. Give us a little of your time and bring the great idea of Primitive+ to a good level. Give us the missing items. I still can't build a base entirely from brick ... Fix the many bugs - "why can't my Argentavis carry Ankylo?". Improves loading times - many potential players are deterred from playing.
  8. once again - give us a present on Primitive Plus too ... # a Brick Door # a Brick Fence Foundation ... any of the missing ...
  9. The forgotten child - WC - give us a little of your love and nurture Primitiv Plus - PLEASE
  10. Sounds like we Booth are typical Primitiv+ Players - if you havn´t played Primitiv+ - try it out - no TEK, no Bombs no C4 ... a more historic gameplay. WC - GIVE US MORE ON Primitive+ --
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