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  1. Elle

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Hey, everyone! I hope a suggestion about the new remodels is okay. While overall my cluster is all very excited and loving the TLC update, we are a bit.... confused on the new region mapping for these guys. You guys did an amazing job on the new textures, but regions now are extremely defined and harsh looking, and they don't look very good with some mutations (and some natural colors) now. We love the new looks of them, but the color regions are an odd choice and some of them need a lot of help with blending. Here's one of my clean rexes with vanilla colors: You guys gave the rex such a large, defined jaw as a design choice, but completely cut it in half with its color regions. I'd suggest either moving the belly region higher up on the face as it was, or move it down a bit. The random bits above the upper lip look more accidental than intentional, and the rest needs to be blended together better. Some of them look great still, like our dark blue and blue combo rexes, but some look a tad strange now. Direbears: Here is a before and after of someone's mutated bear on our cluster. The new bear, without mutations, is miles better.... But colors on these guys looked so pretty before, and now the regions are mapped much too cleanly. They look painted on, almost. Same case for the dire wolf. I didn't have screenshots on hand, but here is a before and after of @TheConstructor (on this forum)'s wolf: Haha, while red and cobalt blue aren't the best combination, you see what we mean. I haven't seen the new procoptodon or its regions myself yet, but judging by the rest of these guys I imagine it's pretty similar? The regions on all the updated models really could benefit from being blended together more to allow for a wider range of color combinations without looking so odd. I am unsure if this was a very conscious stylistic decision, or if not much thought was put into these regions (which I would hate to assume, since your design/art team has done such a good job!!). I really hope this doesn't come across as negative; overall like I said we love the looks of the updated models. The region mapping could just use some work! Thanks for reading! <3 Edit: There is another slight issue with the wolf regions as well, as you can see on these naturally colored pups. The regions have an odd border around them:
  2. It happens with any saddles for us, spawned, crafted from engrams or BPs, found in beacons/crates etc (as you can see in the image I posted, those 2 saddles were crafted)
  3. No, thank you! I've been wishing for anyone else to say they've had this bug. Our players are losing saddles left and right (even tek saddles). Is S+ the only one you have? We do have S+ but we also have a fair amount of other mods.
  4. That mod has not been updated in almost 2 years, so I doubt the mod author will update it now. However, you can disable the Reusable Grapple engram if you want to keep the mod, and also add a mod like this, which still works: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=899068109
  5. Searching led me here, this bug is still around. Today I demolished 4 hives to move them and only 1 gave me back my bee. My tribemate had moved them a day ago just fine.
  6. Several months later and this still occurs randomly from time to time. Just last night I hatched 8 rexes and led them all into the same yard, I just logged on and 5 are fully grown and 3 in the middle are at 60%. This makes zero sense to me, and I would really love some acknowledgement of this issue. D: Could it be tied to leaving before the babies hit juvenile (sometimes I log off right before they hit 10%)?
  7. Update again: This is still an issue, but does not seem tied to breeding. However, it's looking like all the saddles that did this were on Ragnarok (which might be coincidence as it's our most populated server). There doesn't seem to be any other link like dye, skins, or origin of saddle. Here are some images from people on my cluster of this issue:
  8. Elle

    Unable to place gas collector, error message missing

    There are a couple of gas veins that are too close to loot drops, so you can't place a collector. This might be one of them. Kind of an.... oversight.
  9. My cluster has had repeated instances of our admins' tribes being broken by entering someone else's tribe (to help with various issues) and then going back to our own. After trying to join it will say that we were added to the tribe, but we are still tribeless (sometimes it shows us as now being allied to our own tribe). Trying to fix this by relogging or claiming structures or making new tribes and merging (which I never recommend, I might add, as this does all kinds of terribly broken things) and such can just absolutely mess things up even further in a way that we just don't understand. If we do manage to get our stuff back, we get weird issues like not being able to invite people to alliances. We are baffled at how broken the system seems to be. Has anyone experienced similar issues on their servers? Is there any way to get around this sort of thing?
  10. Exactly as Thorium said, it seems to be related to character data. In my cluster's experience, the more items in your inventory, items and dinos uploaded, and engrams you have learned the more likely it seems to happen. When people on our servers have this issue our first suggestion is a mind wipe.
  11. Update: One person got 3 saber saddles bugged today and said it was right after breeding them with their saddles on.
  12. Yeah, it's fully possible it is caused by a mod as we have quite a few, though we've never used that one in particular. I was just curious if people playing without mods experience this also.
  13. Has anyone else had this issue? The cluster I play on is modded and has a mod (called Medieval Structures) which causes all sorts of saddle issues, so for a while I was assuming that was the cause of this, until someone on reddit mentioned it, too. For some reason saddles sometimes turn into engrams in a dino's saddle slot and cannot be removed, though you can still ride the dino or even put another saddle on top of it. This has happened to several people in our cluster with quetzals, gigas, sabers, etc, with saddles found in drops or made from BPs.
  14. Currently no one seems to be able to craft Rock Drake, Glowtail, or Featherlight kibbles, which are now asked for for imprinting on Aberration. The wiki says they cannot be made and I myself tried tried everything I could think of to make them in singleplayer. Baryonyx eggs also seem to turn into Kapro egg kibble, meaning a lot of failed imprints on this map through no fault of the players.
  15. Something that's bothered me for a while is that moschops are available tames on SE, yet you can't harvest prime fish meat on that map. I thought this would be fixed when they changed what they ask for when taming, but sadly it wasn't. Obviously not a very major issue, just something that seems overlooked.