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  1. Something that's bothered me for a while is that moschops are available tames on SE, yet you can't harvest prime fish meat on that map. I thought this would be fixed when they changed what they ask for when taming, but sadly it wasn't. Obviously not a very major issue, just something that seems overlooked.
  2. Doedicurus Sand Carry Weight Bug?

    Yes, but QOL improvements are not bug reports, as much as I'd love to see it implemented.
  3. new bug with Battle eye?

    Mine has been blocking a couple of files (uxtheme.dll and bfllr.dll), but now suddenly I can't see any servers either. Restarting the battleye service with the game open shows servers to me, but then I still can't join because the game and battleye will close and reopen. Just deleted all the BE files and validating my game to see if it helps. Edit: This did indeed help my situation!
  4. Outgoing Reliable Buffer Overflow

    Having a lot of learned engrams is definitely the biggest cause of this issue, though it can also happen with no engrams learned and transferring with a full inventory and maxed items or dinos uploaded, so it seems to be tied to how large your profile file or something is.
  5. Key bindings not working

    Yes, my tribemate and I have had a similar issue trying to switch the global and tribe chat keys (which we now have to do with an ini file, as the option was removed in game). Using the enter key for tribe chat makes it so that you can no longer close the chat input with enter, instead you must hit escape. I guess that's why they removed the option, haha.
  6. Doedicurus Sand Carry Weight Bug?

    I don't know that this is a bug. On SE I just take a horse along with my doed as they get an 80% weight reduction on sand (and a few other things).
  7. We use the super spyglass mod also, and I have 100% had creatures mutate speed, unfortunately.
  8. This bug is still happening, just happened to my tribemate and I with our rexes that I hatched a day ago. Is anyone else experiencing this? Can anything be done about it? I know stasis bugs are probably extra tricky to work through.
  9. And I know that, of course. However I made this thread suggesting that this is not intentional behavior of the mechanic. If it is, it is. Thank you very much for the information! That also sounds very plausible. I haven't done research or looked much into it, the region thing is just what I've always heard and it also makes sense to me. I definitely haven't had this problem 50% of the time (perhaps more like 20%), but I guess that's the luck of the draw. I have yet to experience a mutation without a stat bonus myself, but I've heard about that also. Regardless, I think that the mutation system could use some fine tuning—with this and especially mutation counter multiplying unnecessarily. Though perhaps it is too much to ask for the game to keep track of which stats are mutating.
  10. This seems to be a pretty well known bug, but I searched and haven't seen it recently mentioned in this bug reports section. There's are several bugs to breeding (like mutation stacking), but I'd like to ask for acknowledgement of this one. It seems that sometimes when one of your babies mutates, it gains a stat mutation but no new color, because the game has selected a region to mutate that the creature does not possess. This has become painfully obvious in my cluster as of late, as several people have been having a contest to get the first otter mutation on one of our servers. There have been stat mutations on them so far, but nobody has gotten a mutated color with them, and it's always a bummer. I'm assuming that this is an unintended side effect of the mutation mechanic.
  11. Please take a look at this issue. This happened again today, I bred my horses 16 hours ago and just checked and they are only halfway matured (on our settings they mature in about 9 hours). This doesn't seem to be an issue every time but it is extremely inconvenient when it does occur.
  12. I play on a modded cluster with 6.5x maturation. A day and a half ago I birthed 3 horses on one server like I usually do. Yesterday, on second server, I hatched 3 quetzals and a yuty, all around the same time. I think the yuty was hatched when the quetzals were at 4% maturation. Today I log on to the first server to see my horses still in the juvenile phase, when they should have long been adults, but after I logged on they started maturing as they should have been. Then I go to the second server to see the quetzals all adolescent, as they should be, but the yuty is very far behind. Now the yuty is maturing at the same rate as the quetzals again. It might be worth it to note that I logged off as all these babies hit the juvenile phase. I've been breeding a lot of equus lately and have never encountered this issue. I'm not sure why this is happening, or why it's not seeming to affect everything, but I'd appreciate someone looking into it!
  13. I breed all of my ovis on ceilings now and just stand beneath the ceilings to claim the babies that inevitably fall through. It's a bit silly. They don't fall through 100% of the time, now, but most of the time they do.
  14. Baby HP dont go up

    Yes, I've noticed this also. I'm on a unofficial with increased maturation and have been breeding horses a lot lately, so I usually leave my baby horses around 5% maturation. When I come back the next day they are full matured adults, but their health is what it was when I left them. Then when I'm online they start to heal.
  15. Gallimimus Stamina Bugged

    I have had this issue on more than just gallis, it seems to happen randomly and especially with dinos that take narcotic babysitting. Usually using the creature's attack will fix it.