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  1. Happened to me today tamed a meg and put it in the mannequin and it disappeared from sight......
  2. Please make this a primal only map even if it has to be separate from the other maps. Real dinos only and no tek
  3. Damn must of hurt some feelings
  4. Forums are dead better to follow some devs on twitter for updates.
  5. The map not opening in 3rd person is super annoying hopefully they fix it sooner rather then later.
  6. When in 3rd person you used to be able to zoom into your map holding LT now it no longer works so you have to revert back to first person to see it which is annoying. Please fix
  7. They just don't appear at all I've never had this before but after putting in to Google seems this is a bug thats been round for years im struggling to find a awnser on how to fix this though. Hoping someone can help me before this gets put in the bug section never to be seen or heard again lol
  8. So for some reason my character can no longer craft a pick or torch so not sure how I'm ment to get flint at the start no more. I tried transferring server and relogging and that did nothing for me anyone know of a fix?
  9. ddos is everywhere on xbox servers making the game unplayable....
  10. Always seen people moan about this problem. What i would like to know is this really common these days and is it even worth returning to check new things out if ark is in this state.
  11. Im a returning player I quit after about a month of genisis release due to all the bad bugs and everything genisis was suffering with at the time. Wonder what state its in now Anyway I thought I would return to check crystal isles out so I transfer to it only to be greeted with 255ping regularly checking its been like this for a week straight Thats my high level character lost then great start im thinking... So I thought to myself why not start a new challenge and create a new character and go give Valguero a try because I i never tried that out either. Made a new cha
  12. That was not working for me on xbox I was trying to build on very uneven floor so that might be a factor though.
  13. Look up at the sky on the island map but please put sunglasses on or you might get left with permanent eye damage.
  14. Still not working wont be working next year.
  15. Still not working I was right under a level 140 and it would not pull me in at all
  16. Tried to like someones post and was getting a error. refreshed and it was gone ? Shame cause he had some valid points
  17. 100% agree Also pretty sure some people comments on here are being deleted aswell lol The fact everyone is talking about it thread after thread being merged so it's not flooding the forums and making it look worse. Wildcard failing and not caring at all to comment on it just shows what you should expect from them it's been this way for years nothing is going to change. With a few games around the corner wont mention any names but I do see ark losing alot of console players very soon to them. Look at the switch version of the game and how they milked a entire
  18. Wildcard for the past month probably longer lol
  19. Not overreacting just getting bored of people flogging a dead horse. If they said there not interested in unofficial why would you carry on going on about how it's the best way to play ark that is a opinion and it's your opinion some people might share that view with you but alot of people dont and that's ok. Difference of opinion its allowed by the way ?
  20. Everywhere I go I seem to see the same couple of people going on about joining unofficial. Hey I lost my dino on offical bla bla. Join unofficial Hi how do you tame a bloodstalker. Join unofficial People tell you they dont want to play unofficial. Join unofficial Here is a idea go play these exciting servers together and stop telling people to play them when they clearly tell you they dont want to ? All paths to playing ark has its downfalls and yeah even unofficial ?
  21. Not everyone wants to play unofficial what dont you understand about that?
  22. Invisible defenders and drones have been back for a while not just this update unless it's a different platform but xbox has had them for weeks lol.
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