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  1. All this efficient lists and here I am like. 14 Otters and my White Ice Wyvern. Gotta feed all those tiny gluttons
  2. Like many people have said before, the Island spawns are more inclined to lower levels whereas ragnarok has higher levels as barely uncommon. I highly doubt the average tames affecting the wild spawns, if that were the case, how would transferred dinos affect this, because I have yet to find any identifier in a tame that points out to place of origin of the tame, how would breeding take a part in it?, etc. It looks way more complicated to be honest, and as evidence to counter the arguement, in my island server which has quite a few tribes with high level tamed rexes, I hardly ever find any 130+, they are there (hell, a 145 spawned in my yard last night before I went to sleep), but it's still uncommon. It's RNG, weighted towards low level spawns, but still RNG. The only way you have to influenciate into it, is to force spawns by killing like you mentioned you were doing, and hope for high levels to appear. Or just go Rag
  3. Ftfy = Fixed that for you. You can notice in his quote of what you said that instead of beaver he wrote in all caps MAMMOTH, because they have an even further weight reduction on wood than beavers do
  4. Coded

    Question about ovis

    And more food stat = faster regeneration of wool. (The lesser use for sheep which is shearing for wool which works as fur)
  5. Coded

    Wyvern Raising

    Yeah I think the milk spoils in a matter of minutes on official, but thanks for the tip anyways! In preservin bin with salt, on SE lasts around 3hs because of SE's spoil rates being 3 times faster. On Rag/Island/Center it lasts around 10hs in bin with Salts. Given that the bin has a spoil timer multiplier of x10 and a tame only has a spoil timer multiplier of x4 it would be around 4hs inside the wyvern with salt. I usually feed them whenever they need imprint, but that's because i care about the imprint. If you want to get more buffer time to go to sleep and such, i'd recommend measuring the time it takes a wyvern to eat through a milk, to make an approximation based on their food values at any given time after feeding them. Wiki's stimations are one milk will last 3hs and some change.
  6. Coded

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Popped Sheep babies to increase the hp of my tribemate's personal line in The Island. One popped under the mesh, because I forgot Ovis do that, the other one pulled all the good stats from Dad. It starved at 8.2% because I had to go help with groceries. I cry
  7. Coded

    Tamed dino cap per server

    Honestly that should have been handled by now, I had no idea that there were plans to make the saves avaiable, after all that would seem unfair for the servers that got repurposed on official release. It all comes down to something they should have done before release honestly, right now people have settled on servers that are overpopulated in official, to the point a fair amount have already capped, adding more clusters on release would have been ideal, but right now the best we can wish for is that they actually make the saves avaiable and they repurpose those servers to official clusters. P.S: Inb4 they do it just to add more future to be aberration clusters..
  8. Coded

    Tamed dino cap per server

    This, so many times this. People, tame cap isn't the issue, if anything, ask for more legacy clusters to be repurposed into official clusters to spread the populace. It would have been better for it to be the case at the official release, but that's all that can be done now
  9. We are all canniballs in Ark. Specially self canniballs, nothing better than reusing your own corpse for feeding purposes :>
  10. Coded

    Rain Visibility

    And at night or in the bottom of the sea... kinda why I enjoy all this other arks more than the island.
  11. I'm inclined to believe that the equation would be: Melee % = ((Base + (Wild Levels * +3.75)) + 7%)*17.6%
  12. Coded

    Just so Y'all know, otters are PIGS!

    Ottys the otter is definitely not a pig! He is the cutest little fluffer. But yeah, they go through fish meat like crazy, at least they make for the cutests ACs