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  1. The real question is now that that theri has tasted giga meat, can it ever go back to being a vegetarian?
  2. SatanicPopeye

    What creatures in Ark should have predators or be prey

    And the problem is....?
  3. SatanicPopeye

    Expanding Bridges

    There is a dynamic bridge mod that makes sweet rope bridges up to 1000 distance..so it's definitely possible.
  4. SatanicPopeye

    Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    Incorrect. The lag comes from the gathering and world destruction calculations on the server, not idle animations.
  5. SatanicPopeye

    100% efficiency stats

    Also, there is no such thing as efficiency in breeding. There is imprinting, but imprint bonus does not pass on to offspring.
  6. SatanicPopeye

    100% efficiency stats

    So much misinformation lol. When you breed the babies will inherit their parents stats. Say you have a rex with 200% melee, and one with 350. Breed them, and the baby will be born with one or the other. Same with all other stats. There is a 2.5% chance of a mutation each time, which can randomly increase a stat, give a color mutation, or both.
  7. SatanicPopeye

    Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    LOL. Have you read these forums before? You are far from the first person to complain the game is too hard. Invariably it's a ltp issue.
  8. SatanicPopeye

    Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    I believe you when you say a Leeds is spawned on that a-b route, but the way you are talking there is a Leeds every 20 meters. They really aren't that common.
  9. SatanicPopeye

    Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    There is a whole lot of exaggeration going on here
  10. SatanicPopeye

    Please extend Timers for Hurricane victims!

    Ok, what you would do doesn't matter to anyone. And if you don't want to log in for 4 months when you are able to, you wouldn't be playing the game. Why would you care about your structures?
  11. SatanicPopeye

    Please extend Timers for Hurricane victims!

    That would be a smart move for PR reasons alone.
  12. SatanicPopeye

    "Easy" Spawn areas

    Ya, I can see your point from a new players perspective. Me, I've been through the early game more than a few times and thus enjoy the extra challenge. It's very possible to get set up without dying much or at all, you just need to be very cautious and always aware.
  13. SatanicPopeye

    "Easy" Spawn areas

    Really though, it's hard at first. I thought ark sucked when I got it, a dying simulator. It was only when I came back to it a couple weeks later and saw what you can do with the building did I get hooked. Now after 2k+ hours I can safely say it's the very real danger(that admittedly scales down as your infrastructure scales up) and the games ability to make me jump that keep me around. I swear I've had more than a few kapro/thyla/purlovia related heart attacks.
  14. SatanicPopeye

    "Easy" Spawn areas

    This is why I play on a modded server where the dino cap is 450, but the player level is vanilla. Still survivable but, stuff can kill you quick. Edit -oh wait, you were saying it's too hard not too easy right? My bad.
  15. SatanicPopeye

    "Easy" Spawn areas

    Welcome to Ark.