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  1. Trike for thatch, berries - Ptera for flying - Raft for mobile earlygame base - Argy for jack-of-all-trades mount From there: Phiomia for fertilizer, doed and anky for resources, mammoth or beaver for wood. Beelze for relatively easy cpaste before snails. From there: Direwolf, baro, sabertooth or other "medium combat" dino for early caves: Dung beetles from those caves for better fertilizer (and some oil), tame giant bees for honey, tame achatinas for easy paste. Once entering ocean, baronyx is a great first tame (reasonably good stats, spin/stun attack is great) and Basilosaur
  2. From what I understand, it means that rex will no longer only take pulmuno egg kibble, but also carno, stego, sarco, terror bird, and so on. Stop complaining about dinoes being useless after this, they were already useless before if the only use was to make eggs. ALSO: This is a huge change to solo players. Will make the game much faster, as you no longer need a billon types of kibble.
  3. Finally, after 2 months of planning, gathering resources (SP) and building, my giant pilar was complete! It was meant to support a staircase for a build. It had like 200 stone pilars, was built thanks to portable rope ladders. AAAND IT DIDNT WORK IT CONNECTED TO THE GROUND BUT THE STUFF ABOVE IT STILL SAYS "N O N E A R B Y F O U N D A T I O N S U P P O R T" There is not a single reason for it to not work. There is no hole in it. It connects to the ground. It connetcts to that wall I wanted to extend off. But it just DOESN'T. What a waste of 2
  4. Moved my dinos to a new base location, and realized ARK lore is inconsistent (Context: Helena makes the scientific names for the dinos right? E.X. Dislikes seekers, scientific name means ”chimarea are annoying”. So she named the raptor Utahraptor prime while on the island, and on Diana log #2, on aberration while Helena is still on the island, she somehow knows that Helena has named it ”Utahraptor prime” and labels the raptor picture ”Utahraptor prime”)
  5. All dinos level 1, you cant level them up You cant’t find level 2 or above dinos (except untamable in boss fights/caves) To balance, boss fights would be made wayyy easier this would mean that no more super OP level 380 dinos, and you wont have to hope that the level 130 in the wild spent no points in food, water, etc Also, this would allow some dinos to really shine, when usually its just ”if you wanna travel, tame a flier” they wouldnt have a lot of stamina so land dinos like the giant kangaroo would possibly be better for transporting stuff than fliers No need for k
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