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  1. Would be nice to get such a function! Was some of the Players, who get deleted, because breeded for Colors at "small dinos". There was no warning or such a Thing, just a complete delete of all i had. So it would be great to get a message, if i breed to much of them.
  2. It was the Dodo, before my tribe get wiped ...
  3. Still exists, sometimes u check, that u just move on at your Screen, but not at the Server, means u can run back to old place, open all, do all what u want, move to another place and nothing happens. Rejoin and u find u back at old place. Server seems to be run asynchron to game.
  4. just a [x] yes Good idea, makes a better building in the bases and not more then needed.
  5. Simple question: What should Players do with the dust from tek dinos at Island, if they dont have the Ext engram for use it to make element? ... Some engrams should be available at all maps, so that some map content is usable.
  6. If u breed for Colors/stats, u dont will have only 1 pair of the dinos out, thats for sure ...
  7. A giga Needs 1 Slot, a dodo needs 1 Slot. Whats the difference? I breeded Allos, Rex, Brontos, Argys, Beavers, Yutys, Frogs and Doedis. And, yea, i had fun to breed Dodos too. I had no other "small dinos", all i had, was killed or in cryo since the kibble Change. I killed 1 day before much of my lines cuz i had some free days and reached some better breedlines. I was not at tribe cap and our Server was not at his TameCap. Just explain, why i should get instant deleted? (and as long we dont know a number, how much and which kind of dinos we can have, as long noone is protected of this)
  8. Its near exactly the same Story here. In my case the reason are 60 Dodos. My tribe got deleted before 2 days too because of "spamming tames to cap a Server". The funny thing (not for me ...) is, that i just breeded out eggs and after check for mutas/Colors i killed all and hold back only 3 of them. The parents of this eggs are there since months, just from time to time changed with "new stat parents", just like all breedlines in all tribes i think. My questions are: Why so stupid ways for Information about this rule change? First time i see it was now here in this Topic. Why no warning before? Why GM seems dont check tribelog, where he can see, that i killed most of them? Why is a Slot for a Dodo, Jerboa and so on different then a Slot for Argy, Allo etc.? How much Dodos can i have? (dont find anything about a number i can have as breedline) Count different "small dinos" together? (means, if i have 10 dilos, 10 ovis, 10 jerboas ... i will wiped again?) Which sense makes a Tribe Limit, if u get killed because "u have the false Dinos"? Where is the list of "false dinos"? And finally: When the rule will be changed, for getting the "medium dinos"-Player?
  9. Playin 210 too, every 2 mins a lag spike of 30 secs to 3 mins and every day 5-15 server crashes + rollbacks ... Longest crash ive seen was weekend with 3+ hours offline one hour after getting back from an 1 hour offline time ... Was better before patch and much better before "insert a game, which use same Hardware and Clusters it seems" came out ...
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