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  1. RAWRzillaaaa


    please wildcard, you have me completely baffled as to why SOTF isn't atleast somewhere on your priority list, yall were on the battle royal scene before most and then just dropped it, I understood yall had other projects at this time so I can see taking a break from it for ark: se launch and first few patches and everything, but... helloooo, more and more battle royals are poppin up all the time now and yall are sitting on the best one and do nothing with it...
  2. RAWRzillaaaa

    Aberration is still full of glitches

    ...and you support the guys that would make their own dinos ,as you put it "useless" for no reason except being sloppy and lazy? great dev team we got here...
  3. RAWRzillaaaa


    they should announce the closing of their doors at e3, would make my year
  4. RAWRzillaaaa

    Bring Back SotF

    Couldn't agree more, have absolutely no respect for these devs due to they keep adding onto a broken game without actually fixing it, and ignoring what is an obvious gold mine with all the br hype there is these days, but they had sotf before that hype was there, I understand why they put in hold for that reason, but like, its past time now, they gonna end up wasting that opportunity now. only reason I stay on these forums is to show there is still a community that wants it, much larger than they know, screw the actual ark game now, no interest in it, just give us SOTF, they have had many modders willing to work on it for them so "not having the man-power" is not an excuse. being a group of downies is the only reasonable excuse I can think of from them for not pushing SOTF.
  6. RAWRzillaaaa

    SOTF needs revival ;-)

    Will be the only way I come back to this broken game, scorched earth was the last time I let em get my money until sotf is supported.
  7. RAWRzillaaaa

    Glitching Under Aberration

    still not as long as id have to wait for support tickets to be resolved
  8. RAWRzillaaaa

    Glitching Under Aberration

  9. RAWRzillaaaa

    SotF Streamers

    last I knew 1cebox was the only one I knew of that still streamed it just about every night, but its been awhile since ive checked, not sure if he still does
  10. RAWRzillaaaa

    [EU/NA] 9th Public SotF Event: March 3rd! (2v2)

    no way, typeforced? like for real?
  11. RAWRzillaaaa

    ARK SOTF on Console

    yeah, pub g so good I die from fall damage everytime I vault a wall or stand in a corner, car goes flying across the map when I bump a bike and the truck falls through the bridge for no reason, yeah, real e-sport ready game ya got there... also hate that pubg is based on luck of the loot, much more skill involved in sotf, and where yes, it could be polished up, but no more than the regular ark anyways? an they've had their chance to fix those issues for years, and yet they still just create more content instead of fixing the already existing content, they just want excuses to put more dlc out to take your money, like, they even had the scorched earth dlc you had to buy like a year before they full game even released, are you kidding me??? lol
  12. RAWRzillaaaa

    ARK SOTF on Console

    screw these devs for letting what coulda been the best version of this s*** show of a game. ark as it is, is just a glitch time sink for those that have the time to do it. use, update, and actually give a f*** about SOTF and you could have yourselves a new e-sport, which I know would attract a lot more attention, right now the only attention you get is cause ppl just wanna see a train wreck. lol
  13. RAWRzillaaaa

    RPG on Parasaur

    Cant access link atm because im at work, but I can see that its resi, yes, rockets are hard to get to in SOTF, but resi is one out of a very small handful of players that could prob get rockets any game they wanted as long as they knew they wanted to do it from the start. but flexing it on a parasaur seems a bit overkill and very funny. lol
  14. RAWRzillaaaa

    Why did sotf die?

    I cant stand to really play ark anymore except on my personal server with my girlfriend and that's only cause she enjoys the dinos and stuff, but if sotf would come to console, like ive been praying it would for well over a year, I would hands down play the raptoring crap outta it and it would easily be my favorite game, as long as they didn't screw it up, but I absolutely loved watching all the survivor league tournys and all the youtubers that played, but its all died out with no support for this game. it was around before pubg or the other BR games had traction and had a much more skill based play than them as they are based on luck of the loot where SOTF is based on how fast can you get what you need together to win, whether that be the tame horde, the guns, the cheeky saber and longneck. what im tryna say is that im baffled at how this thing didn't take off, how did wildcard not notice what this could become with a lil extra help, I understand that maybe your then-current team couldn't do both, but I know they had plenty of ppl that offered to help with the development of this specific game mode, why did they not take it?? just dumb, and the fact they didn't take this obvious opportunity to be ahead of the BR genre curve, respect lost. smh
  15. RAWRzillaaaa

    SoTF Console