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  1. RPG on Parasaur

    Cant access link atm because im at work, but I can see that its resi, yes, rockets are hard to get to in SOTF, but resi is one out of a very small handful of players that could prob get rockets any game they wanted as long as they knew they wanted to do it from the start. but flexing it on a parasaur seems a bit overkill and very funny. lol
  2. Why did sotf die?

    I cant stand to really play ark anymore except on my personal server with my girlfriend and that's only cause she enjoys the dinos and stuff, but if sotf would come to console, like ive been praying it would for well over a year, I would hands down play the raptoring crap outta it and it would easily be my favorite game, as long as they didn't screw it up, but I absolutely loved watching all the survivor league tournys and all the youtubers that played, but its all died out with no support for this game. it was around before pubg or the other BR games had traction and had a much more skill based play than them as they are based on luck of the loot where SOTF is based on how fast can you get what you need together to win, whether that be the tame horde, the guns, the cheeky saber and longneck. what im tryna say is that im baffled at how this thing didn't take off, how did wildcard not notice what this could become with a lil extra help, I understand that maybe your then-current team couldn't do both, but I know they had plenty of ppl that offered to help with the development of this specific game mode, why did they not take it?? just dumb, and the fact they didn't take this obvious opportunity to be ahead of the BR genre curve, respect lost. smh
  3. SoTF Console

  4. Personally I feel like SOTF is where the pvp should take place, ark is fun an all, but playin official is such aids these days cause I don't have 2000 hours a week to dedicate to it and I don't enjoy having to work with 20+ ppl just to get anything goin worth mentioning. but SOTF, that's all I want on xbox, only been playing ark on xbox for two years in anticipation for SOTF to eventually be put back into production and released on xbox, if wildcard really doesn't ever take advantage of the gold mine that is SOTF, I just don't get it.
  5. Rentable PS4 Servers & Ragnarok Update!

    its comin out on the 29th when the full game releases for consoles. its been posted up everywhere. lol
  6. So New Expansion coming! Whats your prediction?

    can it just be SOTF please?
  7. Ragnarok Lighting glitch

    I have seen this glitch in some youtubers videos, I do believe this is just simply a bug at the moment
  8. Hey Nitrado! Im really glad to see you guys have took an initiative approach and made it easy for ppl to give yall input and ask their questions with relatively quick and specific replies. I, myself, am on xbox so I still have alil waiting to do but when the time comes, ill be looking much further into this and a already feel more comfortable with it given the honesty of your answers and just wanted to ask that you guys keep it up! thanks guys!
  9. Rentable PS4 Servers & Ragnarok Update!

    FALSE. where have you been? lolololol
  10. The Definitive Dino DPS Guide

    Props for takin the time to go through and compile all these results, your efforts are recognized, even if one or two things are a fraction off, who cares. lol thank you for all the useful info!
  11. Tame dinos deserve a tame ability

    okay, Is this kid killin anyone else or is that just me??? lol
  12. Offhand backpack

    would be nice, but don't see it happening
  13. mermaids and giant crabbs? bosses

    Now question, can I ride these mermaids? and do they have sea shell bras? im just askin the important questions here
  14. Next Public SotF event: 6th August

    well il let you know if I come across any other possible tips for ya on cool events and solid ppl for your events!
  15. Truly Region Specific Servers

    ppl will just proxy to your server and raid you and you wont be able to retaliate unless you wanna go through the proxy stuff too, wouldn't be worth the effort devs would put into it, I don't see it happening