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  1. please wildcard, you have me completely baffled as to why SOTF isn't atleast somewhere on your priority list, yall were on the battle royal scene before most and then just dropped it, I understood yall had other projects at this time so I can see taking a break from it for ark: se launch and first few patches and everything, but... helloooo, more and more battle royals are poppin up all the time now and yall are sitting on the best one and do nothing with it...
  2. its comin out on the 29th when the full game releases for consoles. its been posted up everywhere. lol
  3. Negative Nancy over here. what would you suggest the alternative be? cause they are of course going to do their best to fix all the duping, they know the damage its dealing to the game. so best thing they can do is basically quarantine the damage that's already been done off away from the new official servers and continue to fight the exploiters, theres always going to be some ppl out there that are going to use and abuse these types of things, in every game, its not WC fault that they were able to attract sooo many ppl to this game, so there were obviously gonna be the handful of players that are going to do every disgusting thing they can to the game to appear "unraidable" and all that.
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