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  1. UI Scale bug HUD display is incorrect

    Mine is 1080i and the screen fits fine, I turned off overscan.
  2. UI Scale bug HUD display is incorrect

    It works on my TVs, they have an option to turn overscan off. MS certification is not QA, certification is so the game does not break the Xbox or policies, it doesn't test game quality.
  3. UI Scale bug HUD display is incorrect

    We are the testers.... that is exactly what you got into early access to do.
  4. Xbox Update Delayed

    The tilde (~) used on ~Feb 10 in the patch notes means approximately.
  5. Game Clips And Screenshots

    It's temporary, you usually can't share beta or preview game clips.
  6. Yeah, I like the liveliness of time passing on dedicated servers where I normally play, but I'm afraid I might go too casual at some point to keep up defenses and might shift to local play, but it's not as fun coming back exactly where you left off. On local I usually shut down when it gets dark, but then startup and have a full night to play through. If I log into night I kind of twiddle my thumbs, if I'm playing before night arrives I usually have things to tend to during the night. But you touched on the main ones, night/day, crops, food expire, fertilizer, whatever works.
  7. It would be nice if the passage of time was simulated when you start up the single player game instead of resuming the exact time you logged off so the play style was a bit more like playing on a dedicated server.
  8. White on white text?

    They said that the UI is temporary and that it will be overhauled closer to release once all functionality is in place.
  9. Taking screenshots on Xbox

    The screenshot happens the moment you double tap, it saves that screenshot when you press Y. You shouldn't see the menu, I have screenshots for Ark and they don't have the menu. Also, you can't share screenshots or videos, like many pre-release games, that functionality is disabled until release.
  10. I logged in last night and was in the water, found that I had fallen through my wooden floor, through the beach and was now treading water under the beach. I had to swim toward the ocean and popped up out of the beach.
  11. [PVE] Dead upon login, chests gone

    I understand mobs detect you inside and can glitch through but odd that only the chests were destroyed.
  12. I have a 6x6 wooden shelter, I've been safe from Raptor deaths since expanding from 4x4 (not to mention should be safe in 4x4 or 1x1) a week ago. Two chests were in the center of the shelter where I also logged out, I logged in after 24 hours and found myself dead by lvl 20 Raptor and the chests gone. The rest of the shelter was intact, walls good, mortar, bed, fire all still exist. Server: PVE-NA-XboxOfficialServer140 Character: Ghryphon Some time between 1am and 11:50pm Pacific. Not sure if there are any glitches that allow players to behave this way on PVE, haven't heard if any. Edit: Found this topic on the issue
  13. Yeah, luckily I've kept track of where my characters have been because the first thing I did was test the bookmark feature and saw it wasn't working. The idea isn't not so much about losing the character as it is just being able to reduce the need to wait and load the entire server list if not needed as well as easily get an overview of each your characters different stats to choose which one to play. Even the bookmarks option currently appears that when it does finally work it first downloads the entire list of servers and then weeds out the bookmarked ones, even with 0 bookmarks it takes forever to load because it seems to be checking all servers for the existence of a bookmark. That's the ultimate goal of the suggestion, is to not have to load the entire server list every time.
  14. Withhold information lol, was common sense for me. Never played a game where you had to create characters on each server before? It's not uncommon.