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  1. Yes, this is still a major issue. Have lost several ovis babies even though they were listed as fixed a few patches back. Losing lots of eggs as well. Sometimes they will land on geometry rocks just under the ground and you can get them to walk back above ground but 99% of the time they are gone.
  2. Why the complaints about official pvp

    Been playing PvP mmos since UO and one truth still holds. The title of 'true pvpr' always belongs to whomever is on top. Everyone else is just a 'scrub'. These players that come onto forums proclaiming they are the only true pvprs. That only lasts until an even larger, more organized group starts farming them and not allowing them to do anything, then they are on the forums or in global chat just like everyone else they ever did it to. Karma is a funny thing.
  3. Kill all passive tames.

    Seems like an obvious troll post but if not, heaven help anyone that deals with that person in real life.
  4. Just got obliterated in the snow cave by a level 705 and a 685 Direwolf. This is on a server running at 0.7 difficulty making the highest dino level around 88. I know some of the caves do have higher level spawns but even on official those caves do not spawn over around 300-400. These were over 700! Please fix. Thank you.
  5. Body and Items Lost

    Been hearing around that this is a major bug that is inherent to the baryonix dino specifically. So this was evidently not just me, others are reporting their barys eating their bodies and destroying their stuff as well.
  6. "Animals only eat when rendered"

    I had a tame just this last week I was starve taming and when I dumped all the prime on it it took one bite and then just sat there... still starving thousands of food yet to fill but didn't take another bite for like a minute. I was watching prime rotting thinking... why aren't you eating?! It did that several more times before going through all the meat.
  7. "Animals only eat when rendered"

    Animals go into stasis when no one is around so they can survive on the same food for a very long time. I have dinos on herb island and at a far north base that I rarely go to that live on the same food for weeks on end before I have to fill it. The starving while they have food thing however is different and is a bug that has been around for a bit. Often with juvenile dinos that have tons of food in a trough then don't eat it and starve two feet away. Or sometimes with full inventories of food as well. Those are bugs.
  8. I realize you are being funny but it does not change the fact that an icthyornis can eat several hundred pounds of meat every few seconds in addition to enough narcotics to knock a Trex out for an hour all while having the hit box of a gnat and the aggro range of an alpha leedsicthys. In short, they still be WAY busted and need to be fixed.
  9. Dimetrodon Eggs

    So I have had two female, mate boosted, oviraptor boosted dimetrodons floating in water for about a month now. Over the course of that month they have laid 3 eggs. My water set up is almost identical to the many pen designs I have seen on countless youtube videos where for them.... they shoot eggs out of their @*&$% like cannons. These two defects can't manage one. Tried feeding them stims to check if they poop and they do just fine. At this point I am just going to have to chalk these up to being bugged dinos.
  10. Are these ever going to get fixed? Or do the Devs still think an animal that eats 1000 times its body weight every few seconds is still funny?
  11. So where's everyone gone?

    The official server I play on is full every night I get on. We did lose some people since launch but I have also noticed that the communities have been a lot more pleasant since launch so take from that what you will. I am enjoying my time a lot more now than in beta.
  12. I know! Like I was thinking why doesn't MHW have base building, taming, breeding, mutations, PvP, raiding, what else? Maybe ARK doesn't have those animations because they were working on other stuff.
  13. Rex taming raft.

    Go to YouTube and search xOnewingx. He has a collection of videos on raft building. One of them called all about rafts or something details a perfect little taming pen I have used for rexes for months.
  14. Died in the water and upon attempting to get my stuff back my own baryonix ate my body and all of my items were lost. As a swam up, I dismounted and my bary immediately lunged at my body and ate it. None of my gear was on the bary and no bag was left behind either floating or on the ground beneath me. All ascended weapons and gear were lost. Bary was on victim item collection but that should not trigger on my or my allies bodies. This is a pretty serious bug so be very careful with mounts around your bodies.
  15. I run an unofficial and have considered opening it up to players outside of our gaming community but honestly, most of what I have seen on the official servers and the forums would not be a good fit.