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  1. Hi survivors, just wanted to invite anyone interested to my xbone dedicated server: EvcArk... Feel free to add (gamertag: evcark) as a friend and join the game through the profile. EvcArk is currently running the island PvE and emphasises survival and difficulty, but we have also tweaked many factors to make life less time consuming and less of a time sink. We have finished tweaking, and now that wildcard has fixed many stability issues we are going live 24/7. The server is run out of Hawaii and will be up as 24/7 as possible... weather/power/crashing obviously affect this. (The server is on my solar, so power shouldnt be an issue). Server has a 200mbs DLspd/ 30MB ULspd. Maintanence is performed weekly when no one or just a few people are on. EvcArk currently has around 10 active players (was more before the crashing and server listing issues) with no mega tribes. About the settings: We have a significantly longer day/night cycle with night adjusted to be 8 in game hours and day is 16 in game hours. One full cycle is about 4 hours in RL with night only lasting about an hour. This has an effect on other settings in the game which has allowed us to tweak out a lot of annoying micromanaging factors. To increase difficulty we have been balancing player stats and dino stats. Players take an increased .75 damage. Dino damage output is 3x. Stamina and health regen is 6x for both players and dinos. Player melee and speed stats are altered so one cannot become the hulk or the flash. You can still carry a lot, be aquaman or have a ton of health/stam, all those stats are untouched. Once i figure out the crafting modifier I will be increasing it appropriately so that you can put a few points in it and see results. Our breeding admin has the settings tweaked in such a way that babies very rarely die and can be born and survive in the wild on their own. Currently on our admin farm all of our dinos are on wander breeding naturally, we find baby chalicotheriums and other baby dinos daily. Imprinting buff is 6x, and it is easy to breed powerful, but still balanced dinos. Taming is faster, mating is often and managing tames/babies is very hands-off, meaning you have plenty of time and dont have to frantically care/micromanage. Harvesting is tweaked and slightly boosted, because no one likes time sinks. Wildcard has made some recent changes to resource nodes, and it has affected our changes, but it still feels right and natural where it is. We want there to be an emphasis on using harvest dinos, but want to make sure they arent necessary, just a buff. If you are interested, add gamertag: evcark, and join the game. You can find our admin farm and tribe near South1/West1 spawn points. We have breeded a bunch of high carry weight iguanadons and high stam/weight pteranodons to give out to new players. Our admins do not cheat and we do not give out cheat items or OP dinos, so don't expect that or ask.