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  1. Finally someone who gave a good suggestion. I nearly lost hope in this community. Everyone's just like "if you can't take it, play another game". So one player is really upset with a situation and everyone else are just jerks. It's embarrassing. It could be read like this: "I can't walk because the alphas cut off my legs" "just walk away" Like DILO? Be a bit more constructive. And yes I did not read pages 2 and 3. First comments were enough.
  2. PS4, too. I have to wait like 10-15 minutes to load the map. And the possibility that the game crashes after this period of time is pretty high.
  3. Yes I can hear them, too. Near the mushroom forest.
  4. Bulbdogs because they are easily replaced. I use Bulbdogs for exploration and farming, Shinehorns to lighten up my base.
  5. Edges 1-4 are great beginning spawns. Well, there are a lot of predators but if you manage to build up a little farming base, you have access to a lot of valuable ressources.
  6. The Rock Drake eggs are totally bugged on official servers (don't know how it is on private servers). I think it's the spoil timer. Literally 90% of the time when we are heading down into the Drake pit and go to one of the nest spawns, we'll find an egg which has a spoil timer of 0.00. So every time we pick it up, it decays instantly in our inventory. This is really annoying especially because Rock Drakes are still triggered and swarm you.
  7. The flexible cables which were added to the game lately are pretty cool. But there is a really annoying bug right now. I can't connect a electric junction box to them. Normal cables as well. Sorry, my bad. I just realised that flexible cables function as connections only.
  8. On PS4 I have massive problems loading PGMs. (despite the fact that I can't create PGMs anymore since newest updates). But the ones that still exist on my console do not load pretty well. They take up to 10-15 minutes to load. This is not exaggerated.
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