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  1. People in my discord would like to know more about the march and how they can help. You can see everyones posts and responses in my discord if you like https://discord.gg/6U6prnD
  2. I had a friend bring to my attention your loss. I've just sent your heart felt message out to everyone in my discord channel, all 1380 members, I hope this helps with your Giga March. May SMO rest in peace. Let me know if you need anything else. Our condolences, Hawk and Legondz (Novus)
  3. Hello do you make dragon boss :)?
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    2. Cyanogen25


      But unfortunately nothing will come naked on your server...
      Would you lend me the s
      Can you also give it a little element? for the things. get well 
      after the fight again :)






    3. Hawktrader74


      we do free boss runs most weekend and its for engrams only - no element. join our discord link in our forum post for detail of what you need to bring



    4. Cyanogen25


      that's why it's really nothing to bring: D
      Can I actually trade for what you have to bring?
      So you give me an animal and armor and I give you element?
      And after the fight you get your things but immediately again :)?
  4. Hello sir, I want to join you in your boss fight next saturday if possible to get the engrams, I added you on steam. 

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