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  1. Genesis | A look back at ARK's Evolution
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  3. ARK EVOLUTION: Trailer Spoof https://youtu.be/lmWcsYeLJ30
  4. ARK Boss Arena Teleport Admin Cheat [PC]
  5. How NOT To Fight The VALGUERO BOSS
  6. Yes there is a button to get in and out but once you jump down that hole, you have to get back out of it in order to get to the entrance that has that button.
  7. Good to know! Didn't know that link even existed 3500+ hours into the game!
  8. Has 2x Breeding/Maturation Ended? I have people on my server saying that eggs are taking normal time but I have eggs that are still incubating at 2x. I just hatched Yutys today thinking we had 3 more days! Is breeding still on for 2x??
  9. How to Get Out of the Valguero Temple Cave! I got stuck in the Temple Cave not realizing you couldn't just walk out. I found out you can jump out on a Deinonychus! https://youtu.be/_M2Yhj2DR4o
  10. Valguero Spider Cave DEINO RAID!
  11. Stealing 190 Ice Wyvern Egg With Argy! - ARK Valguero Official
  12. Here's a video that shows the location and how to steal a FIRE WYVERN EGG! https://youtu.be/gD07Ycr18Ic
  13. Quick start guide to using Ark Smart Breeding to extract dino stats and get a breeding plan then share the database with your tribe mates.
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