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  1. third person doesnt make anything better without fov. by your logic all pc players that use fov are cheaters. i dont cheat and dont plan on doing it anytime soon. i want to see the game grown instead of the downhill it is in now. this is my first post ever bringing up the fov slider. i do not whine like you claim. its a simple thing that they could add that can make gameplay better for all player or player who choose to use it. i use the tek pants glitch because it makes the game look way better. i dont use it to get a advantage on players.
  2. Just toggle third person? Third person isnt good for pvp. I have been using the fov glitch on official pvp and ever since i started using it i never wanna play without it. It makes the game look way better than it actually is. It makes first person pvp a lot easier and less of the feeling of having your face 2 inchs away from your monitor.
  3. can we please get a FOV slider for consoles? (ps4 xbox one) i only play third person because first person gets me motion sick. what is stopping WildCard from adding a FOV slider on console? i can putt it a command on single player which is "fov 100" (or whichever number u want your FOV at) it would make the game much more enjoyable for players playing on console which have to deal with the horrible fps issue.
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