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  1. Lost 2 Dungbeetles, 1 Equus and 1 Iguanodon on XBOX ONE Singleplayer, Genesis, in the Bog. Searched the whole Bog, they have just disappeared.
  2. When I first started playing ARK on my XBOX ONE S, single player split screen with my kids, there was a tether distance adjustment bar in the set up. we played with it at its max (which was pretty far, I can't remember the distance) and we had NOT ONE issue with the game. EVER. So when they removed the option to make the distance locked citing problems, I didn't understand why. We never had any problem on our console.
  3. I had this problem when I was trying to live near the center of the map. I moved away from the middle and do a "saveworld" before each exit. Seems to help.
  4. PG ARK WORKED! I read on this forum that the PGArk's were working. Last night (Feb 17, 2020) I logged onto my XBOX ONE S and loaded a Procedural Ark. No crashes at all. Don't know if this is a fluke or not but I am over the moon to have these back!
  5. Can't find any Beehives in Valguero either.
  6. Single Player love please ARK Please have some patch note love for Single Players. There are a number of bugs that would be really nice to have fixed. I'm on XBOX ONE. A few problems that I have noticed include: The death of your character with loss of dinos and structures for no apparent reason on Valguero Tether distance broken on The Center and underground in Valguero Second player can't see underwater unless the first player is in the water Loot crates are missing, Valguero for sure, probably other worlds Can't find any Deinonychus nests or eggs on Valguero,
  7. You Died! I am playing XBOX ONE singleplayer and when I log in I hear a "woosh" then "You Died" appears. There is no body, no inventory bag, tames are missing and some buildings are gone. You re-spawn in a random place like you have started the game over. This has happened to me in singleplayer in Valguero and Scorched Earth so far. anyone else have this problem? What the heck killed me?
  8. Please fix procedurally generated arks. They are so fun!
  9. Thank You so much for including the single players in this Christmas event. My kids and I had the best time decorating, finding Raptor Claus and especially following Gacha Claus and getting crystals. Thanks you so much!!!!!!
  10. PLEASE don't forget about singleplayer console players, we would love to participate in the events as well. I would even love it if the decorations were available to cheat in. Me and my kids want to decorate our single player bases and haven't been able to since we can't even cheat in the decor. PLEASE enable this at least.
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