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  1. You Died! I am playing XBOX ONE singleplayer and when I log in I hear a "woosh" then "You Died" appears. There is no body, no inventory bag, tames are missing and some buildings are gone. You re-spawn in a random place like you have started the game over. This has happened to me in singleplayer in Valguero and Scorched Earth so far. anyone else have this problem? What the heck killed me?
  2. Valguero Abberation Zone Map? Has anybody made a map of the Abberation Zone on Valguero that they are willing to share
  3. CROSSPLAY Let's get cross play up and running for the Switch please! (I bought ARK for the Switch so I could play with my 2 kids using the XBOX single player split screen and the Switch. We are sad we can't do this)
  4. Few little things to fix If you are planning a bug fix soon (please!) can you fix: re-fertilizer for single player we can't see our shoulder dinos (when on our shoulders) in single player split screen in The Center, the tether is messed, if the second player tries to go in the water and the first player is on land, the tether pulles you out of the water (single player, split screen) THANKS!
  5. I finally remembered to check my switch, there is NO option for PGArks
  6. Please fix the PGARKs for consoles. Many people still use them quite frequently. I too was excited when I saw that there was an update coming, then it turned to sadness when a PGARK's bug fix was not in the lineup. Do we need to beg for this fix????
  7. Please fix procedurally generated arks. They are so fun!
  8. The "General" and "Advanced" settings to the left on the screen to choose your world and begin play is not saving fully. Some of the settings will save, but I have noticed that I have to go through all of them and check my settings. I noticed I have to change the tamed dinos stats per level, tamed dinos add per level, tamed dino stats affinity, player stats per level and experience mulitpliers slide bars each time I log in.
  9. My kids really want to play with their cousin over a private server. We have an XBOX ONE and their cousin has a Switch. Cross play through a private server would a great idea for my kids!
  10. Thank You so much for including the single players in this Christmas event. My kids and I had the best time decorating, finding Raptor Claus and especially following Gacha Claus and getting crystals. Thanks you so much!!!!!!
  11. PLEASE don't forget about singleplayer console players, we would love to participate in the events as well. I would even love it if the decorations were available to cheat in. Me and my kids want to decorate our single player bases and haven't been able to since we can't even cheat in the decor. PLEASE enable this at least.
  12. Has anyone played with PG maps to get crystal and beaver dams?
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