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  1. sebtessier

    Non Ragnarok specific bosses unable to spawn in with commands

    I cant even spawn the gorilla trophy
  2. sebtessier

    phoenix map transfer

    Bump also. It is grayed out.
  3. sebtessier

    Phoenix Discussion

    On ps4 if i log on in SE i see ny tamed (spawned) phoenix. But when they get in stasis. They become invisible and i won't be able to interact with them.
  4. sebtessier

    Invisible phoenix

    Tried it. Its not working. I tried everything on SE.
  5. sebtessier

    Invisible phoenix

    Hi, i tried hunting the phoenix on ps4 this morning unofficial server. can't find it. then i tried to spawn it. He WAS there (i could damage him) but not see him. i tried to force spawn a tamed one, impossible. i played with the superheat also and nothing does. i deleted config files multiple times. No change
  6. sebtessier

    Day One! Launch & More!

    Pheonix and otter for pc. So not for ps4 yet?
  7. sebtessier

    Enough is enough

    Well..if a game gave you 3000 of play time. You MAY become bord about it loll. Good luck
  8. sebtessier

    Server Wipe

    The long part of the game is breeding, mating and gathering. The base is very east to do with High dino. Find a new place an settle down. Its better than simply being wipe off from hundreds of breeding/taming hours. I would prefer losing a 20h work on a base than bred rex, quetz and giga
  9. sebtessier

    Server Wipe

    They should wipe half the servers and keep half. Each being in clusters. Stated "vanilla server" and "launch server". Everybody would be happy. Wamna play with old dino? Move them and go on. Restart without buying a thyla lvl 250 for 150 ingot? They got you.