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  1. AliKaffe

    pvp Creating a new cluster. ideas?

    i like those ideas, but would maybe raise gathering to 2-3x too, like on official small tribes. maybe make an evo event in the weekends with a bit higher. i would like to keep the number of mods as low as possible because of the loading times.
  2. Hello. I am planning on setting up my Cluster again, and wondering what people would be looking for in a PvP server.Please give me ideas that would make the cluster interesting for you.
  3. Dimension Gaming has created a no rules pvp cluster for ark, currently only ragnarok and extinction in cluster, but we will add more maps as more people join. Rates: Farming: 10x Taming: 10x Breeding 5x Xp: 1x Mods: StackMeMore We want to keep it close to official experience, just with a bit higher rates. Cheating will ofcourse result in a ban from the servers. Hoping to see alot of people here for some action! https://discord.gg/3VjyvUD Ip's: Ragnarok: Extinction: