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  1. Please update the public branch when the live branch is updated!
  2. That's a decent sized mantis. HYPE!!1!
  3. Urahaira

    Kibble farm

    Ya I have done that with the Ovis, would certainly be something to do with the mass amounts of wood i have from feeding the troops.
  4. Urahaira

    Kibble farm

    Awesome work! I imagine "J" whistles are a bit of a nightmare...
  5. You have won the internets for today! But seriously, it appears I should stop improving my base at the waterfall north of CI and move a bit farther inland.
  6. Urahaira

    Sunset Falls

    WIP new digs on the western coast
  7. Fuzzy landmines ftw! Can't wait to see the new Redwoods! Any new info on a Desert biome?
  8. Thank you very much for posting a map of the proposed biome changes! Also glad to hear that Hidden Lake will not get nuked, can't wait to check out the updated map! Also interested in any info about the desert biome!
  9. Looks awesome! Can't wait to get some new critters this evening!
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