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  1. Ferox stats changing and losing imprint I have had multiple cases of bred Ferox that lose imprint. They seemingly appear as if they were wild after the first transformation, losing any imprint bonuses that you would get, meaning that with how easy they are to tame currently, breeding is worthless. Stats associated with this tame seem to also bug/change after the first transformation and I am unsure what happens, seemingly losing points randomly either way you spend them (big or small version). Please make this a priority fix, as this tame is one of my a favorite creatures!
  2. HLN-A missing a lot of audio Version - Windows 10 Store Issue: HLN-A does not have many of her audio/voice lines - I have to rely almost entirely on subtitles. A few of her short lines are working, but I'd say I see subtitles without audio about 95% of the time.
  3. Windows 10 store version is not working! I purchased all of my ARK content and DLC via the windows 10 store (due to crossplay and playing with friends that are on Xbox consoles) - I purchased the pass and was able to download Genesis Part 1... But it doesn't do anything! I can't see any Genesis content when I load my game, though I did receive the HLNA bot - I just can't play the expansion content! Is this a known issue? What steps are being taken to fix it? Is there a workaround? PC information seems to be related to the Steam version only, and I rarely get any help with the Windows 10 version problems that I have. Please help me, Wildcard!
  4. @Jen @Jat We're closer to that date now; the end of the month is t-minus 4 days. Can we please get an update on when to expect this? Xbox Ragnarok servers are way too overpopulated, so my tribe has simply not played the game since full release. We are waiting on private servers and Play Anywhere.
  5. Any news on UWP for PC/XBOX crossplay? This says it was pushed back to mid-September. We are now passing mid-September and have received no updates. My tribe is waiting on the ability to host a private dedicated server and our original server (NA#119) was not on the purge list, but cannot be found. We've lost all of our original progress at this point, which would be fine if we had UWP/crossplay so that we could move forward and start fresh. I've seen multiple forum posts about this, inquires on all manner of social media, and this subject seems to be ignored. Please give us an update on when to expect UWP/Crossplay between X1 and PC!
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