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  1. The lightning effects need to be improved. Have their intensity reduced, and add a nice strike visual to a random high point on the map with a single burst of light.
  2. AoiBlue

    Life's Laberenth fire room bugs

    As a note, the jumping segments in the button puzzle are too hard, and there is no cue as to the button pattern. The button pattern should be alluded to in some manner at the entrance. The one for the last letter is the hardest. I'd recommend removing the dependence on the rubble and the tendency to be knocked down. I'd also extend the fallen pillars so and raise the roof so the jumps in that section are tiny bit easier. (We're talking just a tiny bit.) Finally, the exit to that room should remain open until you take the first artifact.
  3. The fire room in life's labyrinth is actually burning some players who are prone on the ground. This needs to be fixed. Also, there are no cues as to what buttons to push, making it a guessing game. Seriously, fix that. There should be a button to turn off the fire trap. Once that's disabled there should be a visible change in the room, and riddles alluding to what buttons to hit should appear. The riddles as to which door to take and what buttons to hit should not appear until the fire trap is dealt with. I also died once in this room and my corpse disappeared without leaving a loot bag. This may have been the fault of a mod so I will have to wait and see if it happens again.
  4. AoiBlue

    Ark Ragnarok188 Texture bug user

    Technically this is a collision bug, not a texture bug. As a note, what are your graphics settings? This area looks awful. I thought the Linux OpenGL 3 graphics looked bad. I know it's a little off topic but they really need to improve how the game looks on low end systems.
  5. AoiBlue

    ARK Park VR Released on Steam and PSVR!

    Any chance we could have a non-VR version. Sure you need VR to fully enjoy it, but not all of us can afford a VR headset. BTW, I completely understand holding off the Linux and Mac release until after you get that Vulkan upgrade to fix the graphics. I actually would recommend it, and complain if you were diverting Linux and Mac specialty resources to this side project, incredible as it may be. This is especially so when the Vulkan release of the engine should fix those nasty Linux and Mac bugs..
  6. AoiBlue

    ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack Announced!

    I might recommend doing what Overkill Studios does on their expansions. This basically is adding additional complementary in-game content for all players to help promote the expansion pack. I personally would recommend adding a bunch of skins and more blueprints/engrams to the main game. As of items from Scorched Earth to add to the main game, I recommend adding the Wind Turbine. p.s. can you fix the Linux version? It's really bad.