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  1. I may have forgot to mention I'm on an unofficial so for me cryos are more of a moving tool than anything. I don't really have many uses for them and I'm the main player on my server, I didn't intend to speak for you directly, but you assumed I did and it clearly bugged you, so let's clear the air. For Official PvE players, yes you have uses. For me, they're just taking up room.
  2. As the title says, I don't know if I've done something wrong or if it just takes ages to charge but my tribe has had numerous pods in the fridge on our unofficial server for roughly 3 days and none of them have charged any. Everything is powered and working, and they say "chrg" while in there, but none of the charge has changed.
  3. As a PvE player I can tell you that these things see little to no use from us other than transport of mass dinos. The cryogenic statis times are ridiculously long and as someone mentioned they take 10x damage in that time. Make some internal turrets and when someone throws their sleeping dino-mon in they'll melted. As someone else also mentioned, the point of PvP is P.V.P. If you're so upset about having people throw dinos in your base that are asleep for a half hour, maybe you shouldn't be playing PvP?
  4. Running a nitrado private server on Xbox one. Went to repair my crossbow in the Argy smithy saddle, it will let me craft one but says "requires smithy to repair" in the standard red text when I place it in there. Don't know if this is intended for PvP purposes or if it's a bug. Just doesn't seem right I can't repair my crossbow in a smithy saddle.
  5. Why not focus energy on fixing all the constantly reported bugs? Why not focus energy on getting all platforms even with one another in terms of updates and function? I mean yeah, you can make dinos look pretty all you want but polishing a turd still makes it a turd. Ive been here since Alpha, and I've watched the game grow, gain strength, become something exciting, and then you started getting paid and stopped giving a single raptor about your community. You put out these notices to get fans excited and keep people around but when's the last time someone read a bug report? The whole page is full of crash and broken game complaints. Some people have support tickets from last November still waiting to get answered. Nah, you're good, just keep polishing this turd up nice and shiny, maybe one day someone will believe its not poop.
  6. Posting in this forum for a 3rd or 4th time, but still consistently crash once every hour or so playing on Rag, rented Nitrado server. The dino TLC looks great, if i could get some time to look at them, I would be quite a bit happier but ya know, make sure them old dinos look good first.
  7. I'm having similar issues. I came back to an offline ragnarok map after the 99% map update and now about every 45 minutes I dashboard for no reason at all. Then when I go back I'm reset back before I did anything.
  8. I had this same issue for a while on my rented server for Xbox. I contacted the people at Nitrado and they told me the same answer of WildCard knows but hasn't fixed it yet. I turned down the loot scale quality for my server, spawned in a loot crate and could finally open them. Ran around and found a wild one too, non spawned and was able to open that. I haven't tried the obelisk, as we currently play Aberration. This is the only thing I know of that made them work for me again, but they still worked in single player for me even when they didn't work on the server.
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