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  1. Why not focus energy on fixing all the constantly reported bugs? Why not focus energy on getting all platforms even with one another in terms of updates and function? I mean yeah, you can make dinos look pretty all you want but polishing a turd still makes it a turd. Ive been here since Alpha, and I've watched the game grow, gain strength, become something exciting, and then you started getting paid and stopped giving a single raptor about your community. You put out these notices to get fans excited and keep people around but when's the last time someone read a bug report? The whole page is full of crash and broken game complaints. Some people have support tickets from last November still waiting to get answered. Nah, you're good, just keep polishing this turd up nice and shiny, maybe one day someone will believe its not poop.
  2. Posting in this forum for a 3rd or 4th time, but still consistently crash once every hour or so playing on Rag, rented Nitrado server. The dino TLC looks great, if i could get some time to look at them, I would be quite a bit happier but ya know, make sure them old dinos look good first.
  3. I'm having similar issues. I came back to an offline ragnarok map after the 99% map update and now about every 45 minutes I dashboard for no reason at all. Then when I go back I'm reset back before I did anything.
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