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  1. Atlas PvP 100x/ Kits/Shop/Teleporters/CrossAberration/ClassicFlyers/ARKomatic/Boosted Fabricator/and more. "A description on our server? well.... We have loads of mods (13), But where mainly PvP based with around 2 weeks before wipe, or if the players want they can vote for an wipe earlier or later on. We want to grow our community, The players can ask for mods/kits/items and more, Players then vote if they do or do not want it, It then will be talked with the server admins. We want the players to shape and grow our community. So are you ready to come join our community...." Connection Info: Ragnarok Server IP: (Only server atm) Wanna join our discord? https://discord.gg/N576T2q Settings 100x xp 100x gather Harvesting customized based on item 172 max levels 50x Hatch and Mature numerous other changes to lessen grind What Mods do we have on the server? +Awesome Teleporters +Boosted Fabricator+ [2.0] +Classic Flyers +Super Spyglass +Kibble Table And 11 more, full list on the discord.