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  1. I've noticed that sitting beside them doesn't help, I just stay active in base and keep checking back every so often for eggs. Oviraptors do pick up eggs if they are not weighed down
  2. You do realise it's the same person that's doing it just with an alternate account. The person is now making accounts trying to frame others.
  3. Submit a ticket with the screenshot of your evidence. Continuously posting threads won't help
  4. SirNuggski

    obsidian at volcano only giving stone.

    As per dodoex. Maybe you should check it. Doed isn't even in the top 4 gatherers for obsidian. Mantis, Anky, Phoenix, Rock Elemental
  5. SirNuggski

    obsidian at volcano only giving stone.

    Use an anky not a doed
  6. Any word from @lilpanda yet?
  7. I know, I've done the same so I know the feeling
  8. Just for you https://ark.gg/outage
  9. SirNuggski

    OC466pve we need an Admin asap

    Really? I've stated that I've submitted that form
  10. SirNuggski

    OC466pve we need an Admin asap

    Yes I know and I have done this multiple times but no one responds and this issue continues to happen
  11. We need someone who will fix our server. Server taken offline daily or multiple days in a row, transfers disabled. Please someone fix these issue or find the person doing this and perma ban them
  12. Endless issues without a resolution! Please help 466
  13. SirNuggski

    Ark Data Download Disabled

    Yes I have done that
  14. SirNuggski

    Ark Data Download Disabled

    OC pve 466 Ragnarok. Can't get in due to downloads being disabled (item's and character) and has been getting offlined for days(last offline was 50+hrs)