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  1. I always place a lader-pillar since it helps, next time. If possible. However the map problem with stuck characters is not the only problem also dinos of different sizes can also get stuck. Kinda endless map problem. I never seen someone say it is a bug. 1st time for everything.
  2. Did dragon on island and tek storage unlocked but triangle stuff don't unlock from center spider & ape. It is a bit confusing where and on what platform what tekengram should unlock to be honest. All I lock at is wiki and ingame SP (single player). Regards, Fan of Andy Ruiz
  3. I know a ton of bad people in pvp, lmao. Well if you disagree is it not bad to keep a legacy clusters for two irl players that just bought a few extra base game licences to keep cheating/playing. Instead of renting like other beach bobs from server providers. Just saying
  4. I think it is much less than 41. However your rex have zero speed so every stat is important in the new dino with higher hp. You do not want to add speed to such a perfect rex. Only way to know is to breed several. Or use extractor to see speed stat of breeder. I go to Single player to test it out. You might do better using stat extractor. What ever is more fun
  5. Look would it not be a nice thing if WC issued a "will never delete these legacy servers" and a list of untouchablelegacy servers. A final great migration if you like.
  6. I think we all want less player traps. Player traps like legacy (can be all gone tomorrow ). Player traps like beginner servers ( super hard). Player traps like pvp orp (can not progress since cluster). I could go on
  7. I also want to make the game more exciting. More to the point make official more exciting. Higher rates, tribe changes, flyer speeds and the long range of nerfed pvp dinos. Can all be fixed on unofficials. But never be undone for official pve.
  8. Second that. Beginners need same rules but less hostility, less wild dinos and so on.
  9. AFAIK achievement are triggered. If you trigger them using cheat commands or legit is up to you. However if you do not want to help yourself in anyway reaching achievements only spawn items and resources. Example if one artifact do not spawn you can then gfi that artifact. Gfi 06 1 0 0 as this is ok. Inmo Also unlock ragnarok as tek cave is impossible solo. Playercommand Ascend1
  10. Having played both modes PvP and PvE. Everything WC do is PvP oriented. This is why PvE wants to be distant from PvP changes.
  11. Further thinking of seasons on a map. Events are much liked and what if a larger area could have a BREEDING event, time limited, after the event autodecay no longer updateed resulting in a part map-wipe. As seasons complete a year, a full map wipe would be concluded. Resulting in what all players want in gameplay/map including pillar wipes. Simply dynamic maps. Zones that are unbuilt, map cooldown, count down for building new and so on. Modes could then also shift during seasons from map to map. PvE turned PvP. Regards Fan of Andy Ruiz
  12. I suggested that long before mobile rel. A pvp zone on a pve map. PvX is not my idea tho. Got that idea from a pve cluster that had one server PVP. A misstake during retail launch. So same thing but in a cluster. Now I very much like to see leaderboards in cluster or new servers. Edit: exuding PvP of course.no one wants to advertise a new mutation to other players in PvP. PvE would love to know in leaderboards the highest dino stat or highest bp found. Regards Fan of A Ruiz.
  13. I actually get faster on and off dinos now. Hopefully they continue to do memory optimisation. It works.
  14. Some dinos that spawn inside mesh or inside other dinos get auto deleted. Maybe this is the cause. Blame the cheaters.
  15. Tranfer items and dinos is abused by players and battleeye correct such actions. Hope it helps your understanding of the problem.
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