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  1. ArianaGaming

    3 days playing and not impressed..

    I agree but it is a player trap since they can just one day drop legacy. Even if WC said they only take down empty or 1 (one? ) players servers.
  2. ArianaGaming

    Dificulty lvl's between Gamma Beta Alpha

    I sure hope you used spare rexes and not the morher and father that you breed. Lol Well from what I know, the spider keep hitting the same dino if it can. So a strategy is to try to regroup the dinos. Try neutral maybe if that can make a regroup around the spider. And if you use spare rexes with prim saddle you can loose a few and still be happy.
  3. ArianaGaming

    Do you need to port forward ark on xbox?

    I have never done this but here is how it should/could work To connect two xbox you need a crossed lan cable. The Xboxes should communicate and give you xbox system-link on your dashboard. Connection with higher numbers of Xboxes you need the normal lan cable and a switch. Do not buy a switch. Your router do the same thing. Wireless network well it should be the router settings, however if you set it up you should have all cables and router with the internet connection kit to test it out. It is nice to test it in small scale before you buy used xboxes...cables and a new router. Tell us how it goes as I used xbox live gold to invite my father in the same house. Other people can also join in the xbox network. Edit : you need only one (1) xbox live gold logged in on xbox that you use. The server xbox need to be home xbox for the gamertag with xbox live gold, also if that gamertag also owns ARK you then only need one (1) copy of ARK. Its a bit tricky so read what home xbox entitles. Since you can only set home xbox ONCE. Good luck, Ariana
  4. Hello, If you don't want to farm a cave you can summon the crate. I think it is summon swampcave_tier3_c. No that looks wrong check the wiki search for loot crates. You can also use gfi rexsaddle 1 9 1 the last 1 is blueprint instead of the crafted saddle. 9 is high tier. Best if you search the wiki as I just take it from my memory. And thats all options you have. Play and fight. Cheat a little. Cheat all the way. Lol
  5. What. Are you sure about that. If I understood you right I need as many mutations regardless of wild levels.well about the same number of mutations depending on what stats you start with. To beat the boss in a simular manner as official. Regards, Ariana
  6. Hello, I tamed a TekRex 180 and that was fun. However 10.5kh and 302melee was bad I really expected more. Maybe 210 as a maximum is better since you can breed your boss fantasy creatures faster. %increase per level/point. Good luck and take backups since the server will crash and get deleted to day one.
  7. ArianaGaming

    A sacrifice to the Ark Gods

    Never ever turn your back to the great obelisk. So the developers can see data on how players die. Raptors in past crunch most common. If the Ovis kills survivors in large numbers maybe the community of friends and pals can make a change to 1.1X
  8. ArianaGaming

    Mana Nerfs - How much is too much?

    Wow yes you are right. Thank you. One creature down to the lists of un-nerfed creature. But on 2x they can give a player black pearls hence this is a show stopper for constant 2x. I never got black pearls on official 1x, silica pearls some times but never black pearls. I agree op trilobite. Thank you again.
  9. ArianaGaming

    Community Crunch 177: Eggcellent Adventure Returns Tomorrow!

    Wow one thing fixed that all players run into: Ind. Cookers now pulls water from all connected sources. So No More pipes in enemies areas. Wow again. I like the patch notes new format. Thanks. To All that sacrificed Ovis at the obelisks. Maybe next event. threee tiiimes pleeease. Lol
  10. ArianaGaming

    Food Bug getting out of hand

    Hello, For new players, stasis describe one area on the map that is low processed and as soon as a player enters the area normal processing resumes. For new players, floating creatures and players can not eat. Since none of these can explain the bug. Something else make ARK forget to process some creatures. So far I read about giga, quetz, wyvern and new born babies having this issue. Yes some creatures snap out of it by boxing or whip the important thing is that they move. So why do not cryoing also always work to get a creature into normal processing. Is it the inclined mesh effects or declined? Looks like some areas are worse than others. Is it that some dinos have feet below the mesh? Giving them a lower processing status. If WC need all processing power for something else (graphics). It is a bad trade off. Edit So one did not eat regardless of the above suggestions. The only thing that helped was going out of render distance. End edit
  11. ArianaGaming

    Mana Nerfs - How much is too much?

    Hello, WC never silently Buff anything ever. Cuz that makes it op and a large into the ground nerf is needed. I tried to think of creatures that never had a nerf but I failed since even fish is nerfed (size).
  12. ArianaGaming

    Map resets on every log in

    How can the achievement get deleted? Once you have it you can't loose it. If MC clear the map was a thing. It's not in ARK. See wiki explorer maps.
  13. ArianaGaming

    Problem Building on singleplayer Xbox one

    Hello, Its not a bug. I don't know where that is (map) but most likely you got something near that prevents placement. You can try to switch game mode pve->pvp. But yes you need another location. Since you tested other options. Regards
  14. ArianaGaming

    A sacrifice to the Ark Gods

    OMG you made me laugh.
  15. ArianaGaming

    Main base on 375 WIPED with all dinos/blueprints/base

    Well we had the same story on official but never got one message on why or anything. Talked much later to one person still on the server and we traded for a rex egg with torpidity 45k to 65k. After the trade we just looked at the health and melee. Well we all like the cops until they look into our stuff.