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  1. Dolan I said in my post "remove NA lobbies" not to be selfish or anything. Of course it would be way better to have back NA servers, but servers need to be paid once in a while, and Devs clearly dont wanna spend money anymore in this game. I tried to give only few of the many cheap examples (just examples) I had in my mind, that maybe can even make devs gain a little bit and make them happy and motivated to restart working on this project. I mainly agree with all your post tho, there are so many things that needs to be done, and im sure that old ppl would start coming back if they see even small but constant changes and, maybe, also some new ppl would come and play Sotf.
  2. Is there any chance that You guys will bring SotF back to life? There are something like 100/200 players who never gave up on the game even if it's dead. Even if it is left behind by developers. We are trying everything possible since years to resurrect it. I dont understand much of marketing and developing games (even tho I am an IT professional) but I think there would be some easy solutions to increase again the population and to compete with other games of this category. For example: Releasing it as free standalone as it was in past. (see Fortnite-Darwin Projects...) This will maybe increase also the number of sold copies of ARK:Survival Evolved Adding some “”new”” dinos from ARK:Survival Evolved (just copy/paste the 3d model in the map) Removing NA lobbies. - As there is no NA server, new players will just waste their time trying to make NA lobbies and they will just give up thinking that the game is totally broken Upgrading Graphic menus (like the ones of Survival Evolved) Adding 1 or 2 new maps (scorched/aberration-like) Adding an interactive waiting lobby (Darwin Project style - Like a mini deathmatch?) so ppl wont get bored waiting and can warm-up Reduce the timer and the amount of players to start a lobby Maybe add some skin shop to gather some money to keep more server up? This game has such a great potential at these days (see PUBG/Fortnite/Darwin Project etc.) and it could be a real gold mine. I already contacted personally 2 Developers in Discord. I got told by one to ask here. The other did not even reply. Does Wildcard care about they customers? We dont want Tournaments with money again. We dont care of that. We just want to see OUR game rise again. Sorry for my bad english. Best regards, Error404. Please #MakeSOTFGreatAgain
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