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  1. A million thank you for this, I’m stuck in my room because my fiancé is high risk. It helps alot
  2. Nooooooo I’m bored and ark is a time sink. 220000 charcoal is my evidence
  3. I salute the effort, some very good samples of what can be done. I do feel wyverns griffins and rock drakes need a lil bit of attention because you can’t breed and stats vary. I used all 3 in PvP and loved it as I had to make a decision on how I was going to engage the enemy, no point now when I hop on my breed mana and boom I can do it all even after nerf. I miss pteranodon in PvP, it was a blast when they were important but they have been left behind. Best PvP fights that I was in involved pteranodon sky fights.
  4. They are good on official because it’s a hard life without it. The servers are so unstable because of population spike on the weekend. I personally find it easier to play ark during the week than on the the weekends. Even if I’m off on the weekends I’m still distracted and don’t really get a chance to get on for a decent amount of time.
  5. Also they decided that quick whistle follow one is also the same button to open your inventory on ps4. Its so annoying and baffles me why.
  6. How would you like to join a official ORP server. My tribe play on crossark5 ps4, it has alphas and you have to be smart in how you play. If you guys are interested send me a message on here first and we can talk. If your willing to play I can help with Dino and boss fights. We are casual players and we do good. It’s less stressful than normal official
  7. Breeding event + server crashes = I collected loads of wyvern eggs over a few weeks. I noticed the event and said ok now is the time. Wildcard we’re celebrating record numbers and I was celebrating the speed of my wyverns been raised. Everyone knows what happened next. Charlie, Mandy and co rest in pixel heaven. Your servers went and I
  8. Sounds like you need to ally or team up with other tribes. What’s the point in not progressing past a certain stage. They will attack you anyways, alphas on closed clusters get bored and especially if they are young.
  9. Are you blaming the player trying to play the game. You and the rest of your forum police are part of the problem. You guys do your best to quiet all problems or you pick on one out of place word and forget about the main point. Terrible devs, support and forum help. Get off your high horse and see it’s not the 1 comment it’s 1000s saying the same thing. How dare you suggest that OP is the problem.
  10. I thinking of going back to my other server to continue on with my build and breeding. It’s to clunky a process to get stuff. I like planning and executing a plan. I hate not knowing what I’m teleporting into and the massive bubble makes me uneasy. I got bola before I properly logged in once. Also in typical DLC fashion the new Dino’s are so OP and broken. I know this was done intentionally
  11. Get off your high horse, another moderator starting something so other people jump on and have a go.
  12. I would recommend you move and concede defeat. These tribes are to chicken for PvP so they act like big guys in PVE. Some might be from Asia but it’s a tactic used by all humans in this game if they do choose to do it. Support if you get it, will be from people who only want to move on as quick as they arrive. Joe refers to fairy dust but I would like to think that money and competence would work here better than fairy dust.
  13. Is it so much to ask for game fixes, they have the recourses to do so. Bugs since beta is a sign of careless attitude towards us the customer. But look something shiny on the horizon. I’ve been playing the Center recently and there is times in that map that would cause siezures in players. The lightning bug is so annoying but the lust is long
  14. They conned the community by not saying what it was. They did that on purpose. Yes everyone is there own master but to maximize profit they conned half the community. I look at things from a company point of view and I try not to narrow it to my own view. I like the DLC so let’s get that straight but once again it’s bad form from Wildcard.
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