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  1. Official ORP server recruiting tribe members Hi everyone we are a tribe of laid back pvp loving people. These servers allow you to have a life outside of ark, at the moment there is a war across the cluster. Its alot of fun in both the pve and pvp side of things. Message my account Owataday and we will start from there. we can group up and progress together, the progression will be quick as I have alot of stuff to aid us
  2. I think you have hit the nail on the head, counters to the mana our very few. What dino can counter a mana? We can't stun the rider at all now and it was tricky to line up with the movement of them. Insane saddles on most manas make it pointless to shot sometimes. Counters and more base defence items would be so welcome to this game. The dragon was op when it came out but it had limitation, a mana is God in ark as it has no weakness. A breed mana with imprint and ascendant saddle is far far to strong nothing comes close guys nothing at all. Pick battles in the sky was at 1 point an important part of PVP, now you sit on a mana and buzz about the place. I'm not saying picking doesn't still have a place but it's not what it use to be.
  3. I made sure to only get the game and doc on the cheap. They our a shallow company that has no respect for its player base and when I see some small efforts made to fix or update I know that it's only been done so that people can point to it and say see they do care. The massive unbalance of the mana was hilarious but 2 months of it so people buy dlc. Shallow, greedy and extremely incompetent.
  4. Lol I missed that part. Any work around to cover it and for it to still power. People keep blowing some of them up but if I cover it it stops working. I have left the top of it out but it still stops working. Green energy all the way bud
  5. Ha I did not know this. Thanks dude
  6. Stop with that talk now. They don't communicate full stop but why should day they have bobs fighting the fights on the forums saying they do work and stuff gets done.
  7. Either your playing devils advocate or you have your head in the sand
  8. Owataday


    Because Wildcard our full of hot air and guess what a new shiny toy is around the corner so wildcard will put a little effort in just to look competent. I say everyone dupe until it is fixed, it's the only way. like rioting in the street type of mentality
  9. You should do it the other way round. Get your gen to power on if your wind turbine goes down. Look at the setting in the gen it's an option to set up.
  10. My game crashed yesterday when I was transferring, I nearly freaked thinking to myself oooo no I have to go to support and get screwed but I found my character and breathed easy. This doesn't help you but I felt like sharing
  11. It's hard to know what's correct here. My heart says 1 thing but my head is saying another
  12. If profit is had on unofficial servers is it then wrong or is it just a smart idea with a healthy return?
  13. When watching ark official vids on YouTube now I do be sitting thinking to myself this is a dino game. But when all I see is Meks fighting Meks with a few dinos for role play I sigh(Heavily)
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