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  1. Maybe they should of supported the tanks and gigas with a mana. Then that streamer would have no chance. Anyways I think we can all agree that more counters to a mana rider is needed. Creatures that can be breed need weaknesses. Everyone has capped saddles on them, so I don’t even bother shooting it.
  2. I think the mana should take boosted damage from weapons so that they don’t sit behind a tank Dino without a risk. Just my 2cents. It’s hard to shoot it but it might panic the rider.
  3. Dude ptera have little to know use in PvP now and tapas with tek saddle have a small role.
  4. This issue has been around since beta. They know about it but it’s just not worth the time for them. It would be nice to tone down certain things. The fog is just the worst.
  5. The Center is a joke. Lightning ? is bad and has a bug that makes it stay even when the storm ends. Then we have a fog that literally feels like a seizure test. I have had seizures in the past but I am in control of the problem. The developers have known of this but they ignore it because of so many other problems. To me it’s a problem that needs a look at. Fly in the fog on the center really brings the problem home. Even if you don’t suffer with seizures, it’s an attack on the eyes. Turn the fog off please as it does nothing but hurt eyes and cause problems.
  6. I salute the effort, some very good samples of what can be done. I do feel wyverns griffins and rock drakes need a lil bit of attention because you can’t breed and stats vary. I used all 3 in PvP and loved it as I had to make a decision on how I was going to engage the enemy, no point now when I hop on my breed mana and boom I can do it all even after nerf. I miss pteranodon in PvP, it was a blast when they were important but they have been left behind. Best PvP fights that I was in involved pteranodon sky fights.
  7. Get off your high horse, another moderator starting something so other people jump on and have a go.
  8. Is it so much to ask for game fixes, they have the recourses to do so. Bugs since beta is a sign of careless attitude towards us the customer. But look something shiny on the horizon. I’ve been playing the Center recently and there is times in that map that would cause siezures in players. The lightning bug is so annoying but the lust is long
  9. They conned the community by not saying what it was. They did that on purpose. Yes everyone is there own master but to maximize profit they conned half the community. I look at things from a company point of view and I try not to narrow it to my own view. I like the DLC so let’s get that straight but once again it’s bad form from Wildcard.
  10. Joe man I know your not thick and that my main points You can’t get into. But don’t try and play this off in simple terms like PVE player base blah blah blah. You And I can see the PVE side of it so why were we not fully explained it so everyone was clear on the direction. I enjoy it but I can’t teleport with anything because some dude will kill me. Should I just go with: ah well it’s my fault for playing the real survivor mode which is PvP.
  11. It’s seems it’s just an arcade version of ark. Tell me how is PvP suppose to happen when 1 tribe builds up so much that a fob can never get put down because of build restrictions. The teleport is so bad that I really am shocked by it, I was loading in and got killed. I now know why everything was kept quiet. They gave us eye candy pictures that lead to people thinking this and that. But in truth it’s designed for new people and PVE servers. I don’t mind that it was designed for them but keeping everything hidden until everyone is paid up is just distasteful. I can also see why it w
  12. So it was won’t be €35 more next year? For the second part
  13. I believe it might be fun to jump in and out of Genesis. Base up somewhere else and go in with friends to mess about. €35 is a lot of cash for this. I was expecting a lot more for that price. Can we now expect better service since you ask for inflated prices Wildcard.
  14. Fear anything slightly connected to EA sports lol. All game companies can and do release broken unfinished stuff and never fix it. It's a massive problem in the industry, like how many people picked up Genisis because of a shiny trailer when the game core is broken(PVP). The game was designed for PVP but they let it go long ago, most folk find comfort in unofficial which is hilarious to me as they are run by ordinary people. This is a company who say we don't have the man power to police and tackle issue in the game and then boom there like hey check out this shiny dlc. It make me laugh and cr
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