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  1. Good luck brave warrior
  2. Your making me cry now. Ah well let’s pick up my dino with my space ship thingy(skiff)
  3. At this stage starting on another server is doesn’t sound like fun. But defo next game I will do my best to find a cluster that has a pay structure that fits in line with the service provided. On another note, I really miss the feel of a Dino game like in beta. When we get attacked now It looks like a space Dino game. There was a tv cartoon show way back in the 90s like that. I can’t remember the name. I’m waffling here sorry. 420 friends
  4. Ha I love when people come in and say o in the real world things go bad. Wildcard set up in most departments is half assed and poorly implemented. It’s no surprise to me when the patch’s break games, cheats win and GM blaze through the problem with a lack of care probably because they are paid poorly. Everything is done wrong here folks. It was clear this game needed a lot of care and a slow dlc role out. But they decided screw it “plow on with dlc and see what happens”. If ever there was a game that need monthly subscriptions. Maybe they can consider that next time. And anyone that does
  5. I dont think it’s a banable offense. It happens to my tribe a lot since we have enemies on ORP that are to chicken to come when we are on. They move a few Dino’s around and think they are great. Dont expect any movement on the dev side. The gasbag has been around for awhile and they have done nothing. I have recently flown around a few maps on my cluster and it seems everyone is going back to hiding behind offline gates and trolling the tribes that don’t. Crap dev team with no plan or interest in helping different game modes to function better.
  6. In Atlas you have to tell people your coming to attack? How does that play out
  7. I would of loved a atlas style map in ark. Tuso would of probably ruined it tho.
  8. Cheats are everywhere and have existed in any new game or show or whatever. The biggest problem is the company behind it. They sit back and put things on the long arm. The lag is just insane and makes things so clunky that I just have to turn the game off. Now we get the dev team is human and they don’t have the tools to fix it bla bla bla. Corporate spin if you ask me, fix the thing you made instead of low balling the community until it dies itself. How much money needs to be made so we get proper tlc improvements. It’s always on to the next dlc because of money. Even tho money
  9. Sorry to here that. Terrible customer support in this game. I truly hope when the next game comes out we all make them aware of this buggy laggy mess. Each dlc ruins the game. Cheats win win win all day in ark
  10. It’s why I get pissy over this. I know they are busy like every other company. But the problem mainly is orp gates with a tribes online base active inside. Now the only way this works for the tribe is that they set a pin on the door so that they can open it and access the base. It’s been a plague on these servers. If they took the pin option from the door then boom we have a fair playing field.
  11. My server is official orp. Look people wildcard send in people to wipe cheat bases when enough evidence is produced. So I waste time putting the evidence together which then a staff member comes in and waste more time fixing it when all that needs changing is some server setting. It’s not rocket science
  12. Sounds like you need to play PVE so people don’t try to PvP your stuff. Any base that can be steamed as quick as 15 mins must have design issues. Now if your saying they cheated then ok I feel your pain. But hiding behind ORP gates makes the hole point of a PvP server pointless. The only way to attack you now is to cheat aswell so your a big part of the problem bud
  13. There is a dude on these forum by the name lycun or something like that. He can help
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