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  1. I'm gonna release a mod called "Poop" and what it is is a map that's immersed with Poop. I'll be sure to put very little development into it and put 0 description and 3 pictures of my mod so I can get it sponsored as soon as possible. Vote me up guys!
  2. So I got a question in regards to this Modding Contest. I had a look at the standings currently and I am shocked to see what is posted. Wildcard puts this contest on for us to vote publicly what we want to see win with this contest, and it was exciting for the last 2 weeks of voting and to see mods going up and down the list and maybe seeing a few changes to positions here and there to win the 30% of voting, yet when looking at the results, Primal Fear which got 1st in the Public voting get shoved all the way to 15th and Valguero (no offense to them) has only 16k subs in the Workshop jump to 1st with others who were 3rd (King of the Ark) go down to 21st, and 4th (Extinction Core) go to 33rd. If Wildcard was wanting OUR opinion, then why would they bump those who were actually VOTED to the top in the bottom of the list? Why even have a public vote? This is not right and this is going against anything what the public wants to see. Why should we even have a contest to begin with if Wildcard will just pick what mod they like and just give them a sponsorship? Color me not impressed with this whole contest and I feel this isn't right for those who took the time to vote for their FAVORITE mod.
  3. Server IPs for instant connectPvPvE Olympus: steam://connect/ Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Please subscribe to our Mod Collection below before joining any of our servers!Server Settings & ModsARKCraft PvPvE - Olympus Primal Fear-2x Exp-10x Gathering-25x Taming-Wild Dino = 750 (Wild Wyverns = 950)-Dino levels AFTER tame = 250-Player Level = 970-Boosted Mating/Hatching https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1313700675ARKCraft PvPvE - Ragnarok S+ Archaic-3x Exp-5x Gathering-10x Taming-Wild Dino = 200-Dino levels AFTER tame = 100-Player Level = 200-Mating/Hatching is boosted, Stat multipliers are vanilla 1x except Weight on Players (5x) and Dinos (x2) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1491276780 Additional Information-Active Admins-Custom Drops in all Maps-Custom Spawn Rates in all Maps-Community-Driven Changes (ie. Mods, ratings, spawns, etc.)-Weekend Events and Giveaways (See #upcoming_events for more details!)-Helpful Community of players-Constantly keeping the game 'fresh' for everyoneDiscordhttps://discord.gg/re74hNjCome join in today!NEWS : We have just released a PvPvE server for BOTH Primal Fear and AA! Join Today! Olympus Fresh Wiped October 8/18!
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