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  1. Twiztidwoundz

    Big squid does not want to be tamed right now

    Might I add, if they get up too high from their confort zone this may happen, or they just stop grabbing.
  2. Twiztidwoundz

    What bug hit you today?

    Was doing a purple drop with tribe and alis, I get rearended on my giga by 2 enraged Corrupted rexs.. Giga eats me, spawn back in a sleeping bag near by. No bag. Check my giga, he's slot capped by meat and prime... Only a few pieces of my broken armor is in him. None of my hot bar... And not my cryod back up gigas, owl, and argy. Kinda a hard lesson to learn. Keep the good stuff on the giga, or turn off the resource collection & don't get black weighted.
  3. Twiztidwoundz

    What bug hit you today?

    Just fast travel to a bed near by... Syncs me right in.
  4. Twiztidwoundz

    Spino Saddle Blueprint

    West water cave on the island I get 2 a week.
  5. On Xbox, when they are wondering they do not harvest Berry's or fiber they just kinda run and never stop to harvest.
  6. How about the Gigapithicus not collecting fiber?
  7. Twiztidwoundz

    Item capped enraged giga

    Lost my personal inventory when my giga raged doing a osd. Guess I was black weighted and my giga ate me...spawned in at my sleeping bag... Got back to giga. He couldn't auto collect and not a bag was dropped... Could use a fix for a bag to drop if they are item capped.
  8. Twiztidwoundz

    The Dino you hate most ?

    Perlovias in the rad zone... I need to be so careful not to aggro those little bugger so they don't jump me.
  9. Twiztidwoundz

    tentcal hunting trip needed

    Get your self a new whale level it a bit and try again, this time when the tuso is agroed to you bring it as far up to the surface as it will go. You should be able to to float inches above it and have it not be aggroed on to you. Take a few dips down when your health is recovered and beat on him. Then float up when needed to heal. May take a bit. When they are close to death they ink and flee.... You gotta do a little chase beating at this point. Good luckk.
  10. Twiztidwoundz

    beartrap consumable

    I'm going to ask my crafter to create a recipe that includes bear trap.
  11. Twiztidwoundz

    Does the Managamr trap i see online work?

    We built a behe gate garage. Use rare flowers to kite him in, close the door and knock out.
  12. Twiztidwoundz

    Do you prefer PVE or PVP?

    Pve I have a great group of tribe mates and allies we've met while playing thru the years. Plenty of projects to work on... Being breeding to boss fight setups, cave run strategy's. Mucking around having fun. With pve I don't have to get on everyday or spend countless hours grinding to loose everything. I just really enjoy the laid back nature of it having fun with my friends.
  13. Twiztidwoundz

    Search Inventory lock up

    My game locks up sometimes when I search inventory of my tames or storage units, I have to go to the home screen and quit the game, then reopen the game in order to play again.
  14. Twiztidwoundz

    Fiber Monkeys broke

    My empty fiber monkeys don't seem to be auto harvesting on wonder. Checked their settings, can mannualy collect Berries.
  15. Twiztidwoundz


    Hey so ... Its been a few weeks and artifact of the pack has not been spawning in the ice worm queen cave.