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  1. Work hard for something and be punished because the game is a buggy pos still hadn't changed obviously
  2. I was at s1 in the island when it happened. I checked the entire South coast from ocean to swamp but did not know about the 50, 50 thing. I'll check as that's my last resort at this point, thank you
  3. My mana was at least 370 when it happened. It was 325 when I was raising it. And that's what my tribemate thought had happened. That happened to him but didn't delete the mana. But unless that's what should have been showed when my game lagged I don't think so
  4. Possible mana bug? So not entirely sure if this is the right forum but I play Xbox official small tribes, server 8. After an hour long ddos attack and losing my level 263 argent, I finally get back on hours later, excited to be playing again. But within 5 minutes, I'm out on a meat run on my managamr(sp?) and we are on the ground, about to kill a tek parasaur and then boom I "die" (having to respawn but no official death in tribe log) and my dino is seemingly deleted. Not sure if this is a glitch or what happened. All I know is I'd really like my mana back
  5. If boats are OP then why can they be destroyed by such easy methods such as a simple hatchet and some patience?
  6. Well it happens. I'll be recording and uploading video proof as soon as I have it. In the mean time, the game is reinstalling so I can do that.
  7. Does your test include watching YouTube videos from a year ago? Because I've seen those. And never once has it happened like it does in those videos. But I guess the only way to prove what I'm saying is to reinstall ark. Yippy.
  8. Edited the last one, but, I'll say it again. My two tribemates have seen it. Happens to them as well. As well as friends watching me play. What platform are you saying it take 6 hits on? Because I'll reinstall ark just to record this bs
  9. It's not the alphas. Just plain old, level 1 leeds. Yes, it happens. I play official PvP on Xbox. Always, and I mean ALWAYS, destroys my rafts in 2 hits. Rafts only have 20,000 hp. I've had multiple people witness the quick 2 hit bs the leeds do. Hardly ever is it an alpha. But when I posted this I had just lost my raft to 2 alphas that spawned in the same spot.
  10. Yes, I pay attention. Yes, I look. I'm paranoid from losing so many rafts in the beginning when the leeds were first released. But, yes, my rafts are always 2 hit. And yes, before you ask, I keep my always has full hp. I have a tribemate who's almost always swimming under the raft when I run the risk of running into a leed. Tell me, what platform do you play on? Because, geez, I'd love time before they attack. But, at the same time, I have had things happen to me that don't happen to anyone else. For example, I was having another tribe help me ko an argy because it wasn't registering my darts or tranqs despite it saying I was hitting the bird, and the moment it ko'd and landed, as I was approaching, the other tribe watched as a pack of hyenas spawned and killed it. They even commented on how they've never seen that happen and how that's bs. But, that's how the game plays for me on xbox.
  11. As I've pointed out, two quick hits with no warning and the raft is destroyed. Please. Tell me. When would one have time to go to a fridge or bin, pull out honey, and then throw it in the water?
  12. Even if there is no repair timer, the leeds do two quick hits and then boom your raft is destroyed. There's no time between hits to stop and repair your raft
  13. The sea is already not so safe because sharks, mantarays, mossas, eels, sea scorpions, plessio, to a lesser extent baryonyx, and spinos. Having a raft doesn't bypass all the dangers of the sea because it gives you 0 protection once you're in the water, which is where the resources are. The leeds simply cock block sea travel, which at the beginning (remember how early rafts are unlocked) is safer then trying to take low level land dino across the map. 75% of players on in mega tribe and can't grind out high level tames to do everything for them. It's just the 25% of hardcore players are 90% of the people on the forums, thus screwing up the perspective have how the majority play. Check out any new server before transfers and you'll see only 2 or 3 tribes that actually have the high level tames and breeding factories. The rest either have a handful of decent to low level tames or no tames and characters built to survive without tames. Because when you can't be on 24/7 to grind, you'll most definitely get wiped by the people who do play every single day. I understand that's unavoidable, but what is avoidable is adding creatures that don't serve a real purpose beyond making the game artificially harder instead of natural challenges. It's like shrinking a hitbox instead of making a challenge to overcome. There's no way to overcome and thus survive a whale sinking your ship unless you A. Kill it which isn't viable for most people who recently unlocked rafts B. Go to shallower water (since it's a buggy piece of poop game this only has a 30% success rate) C. Buff it or remove it (inflict less damage or increase the time between raft assaults)
  14. First of all, never once did I mention dying all the time so to use that in there is irrelevant. Like I said, I've been playing for a while. I think the fact that the leeds target active rafts is bs. I'm not saying there's not a problem with raft spam and all that but at the same time rafts are necessary to the game. Take the Center, for example, a map which is all separated islands where most of the water is deep enough to spawn leeds. How is one supposed to get from island to island without tames? Because tames aren't always an option. I'm saying remove them for the simple fact they make the game unplayable. Ark is nearly unplayable already on console. Adding or updating dinos that we have no way to combat like that is just trolling on the devs part. Survival games aren't meant to be impossibly difficult. If I want an incredibly difficult game, I play Dark Souls. Ark is nearing a year of being fully released and is still broken. I'm still dealing with bugs and glitches from when I started playing 2 years ago. So the fact that they felt the leed was necessary to add and have it target active rafts is bs. On the Island, Carno and Herb are nearly always impossible to get to with a raft. And again, tames aren't always an option. So excuse me for pointing out that dealing with raft spam could have been handled better than adding the leed. Instead of being retarded, be insightful. Not all of us have no lives like you to be able to deal with the stupid poop
  15. I've been playing since the center was first released. There are a multitude of ways they could handle raft issues. People still block water ways. I still see every single problem that they introduced the whale to fix. The only thing that's changed is people will shove there rafts in unbreakable rocks or cliffs instead of the edge of the world and spamming rafts to block rivers instead of patches of ocean. So it made river spawns which are arguably more vital to get to (beaver as a good example). They would have been better of removing the raft instead of adding the whale. Also the whale makes it harder for people to actually interact with the ocean more, using rafts as hubs to explore. Unless you have an ocean tame or scuba suit (which PvP official is almost impossible unless you suck the alphas sausage) you won't get the chance to get involved in the ocean. You can't even say "just make a metal raft " because you need the deep ocean for the black pearls. The whale causes more problems then it solved. A better idea would be some sort of sea termite that attaches to the raft (leach style) and drains the health from it, that way active rafts arent being destroyed immediately and abandoned rafts are being dealt with.
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