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  1. ARK survival! "survival" what ever i did (WC) you do have to survive l!! understand!? all Nerf i can accepted But putting all the Old official server as LEGACY is "RACIST"
  2. been having fun breeding Megalonia, And got this Color red Pattern Blackbody, Anyone can tell me how rare is this? dont know much about Color Mutation on megalonia
  3. Not sure about that. But X3 Once a month will be nice.. don't need to be every weekend
  4. Hi just wanted to know how Difficulty 1-10 point giving to the Easier -Hardness Central North West Lower South North East Upper South South East Swamp Cave Snow Cave Caverns of Lost Faith Caverns of Lost Hope
  5. Just want to know so i can start hatching
  6. we will be getting x2 breeding every weekend from now?
  7. Pon

    Raising a Giga on kibble

    You can hatch the egg on Saturday morning . as long as the baby is juvenile is safe you don't really need kibble . I Hunt for meat at night Feed them in the morning (trough) go work, Feed again on lunch time go back to work. and feed gain after work then hunt do this circle
  8. Pon

    Raising a Giga on kibble

    Forget about feeding the Giga with Kibble. It's not worth . Before you hatched the egg 1. Get raw meat in 10 refrigerators full. 2. Cooked meat 2 refrigerators full. 3. Make 5 Troughs 4. Get 2 alarm Clocks. 5. Get 1 stopwatch ready if you don't have visit this page https://www.piliapp.com/timer/stopwatch/ After Hatched 1. Put 6 Stacks of raw meat on you 2. keep feeding The Baby until it take to 2 stacks 3 Use stopwatch to see how much time it take for the 2 stake of meat - Now you now how much time you can go away. -Keep in mind that the baby will need 10.1% to be Juvenile Once it reach to Juvenile 1 Put 2 stack of raw meat in trough 2 Use stopwatch to see how much time it take for the 2 stakes of meat -10% for spoiled meat -Said if your 2 stakes of meat is 1min so 1 stake will be 30secs, 1 trough (60stack) will 30mins 3 Add raw meat to 4 trough and 1 cooked to 1 trough 4 set 2 alarm clock before meat run out . 1 clock put in front of the monitor and 1 carry with you where ever you go lol 5. tell your wife not to turn off your alarm clock! lol....
  9. x2 Breeding coming every weekend from now?
  10. Thank you to all the reply guys, really help a lot!
  11. Hello, I was wondering if you could suggest to me some laptops that can play ARK on medium settings (if possible) and run smoothly with little to no issues. I am looking in the price range of 800-900 US$ any help would be much appreciated . THANKS ^-^
  12. Do Babies eat less food when player log off?
  13. Pon

    Scorched Earth content now is free

    Any server recommend?
  14. Pon

    anyone wanna know the secret to

    if you add other then meat will work?