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  1. Here is my entry for Arkitect this week. A small little Mountain Retreat on my Nitrado hosted Xboxone server. Prim Plus. No mods. Love the location gives some great affects! Thanks for looking-T
  2. Here is our submission for this weeks Arkitect. This build was slightly inspired by the movie Goonies. This was built in a deep water cave on Ragnarok. This is a Xbox one build with zero mods. The crane is hands down my favorite part of this build. I want to note that This Build was completed My me ARKTLC138 amd Missy Prime. Thanks for checking us out! -T Goonies never say die!! https://imgur.com/gallery/z1cAX
  3. Wow! Thank you ! I want to say thanks to Missy Prime she had to a huge hand in making this all possible also!!
  4. Hello! Here is my entry for Arkitect. This is a build on the big bridge on Ragnarok. The video is a bit choppy because it’s the only footage I got of this build before our dedicated server had a wipe. This a collaboration build between the Mighty Missy Prime and my self. We spent a good amount of time on this build. There are some great little features. We have a pinball machine?! This was done on xbox with no mods what soever.
  5. Hello all! I want to start by saying all the builds I see on here are amazing! The mods that PC has are next level. With that being said have you guys ever thought about having a building category for console only submissions? Us on console can’t compete with that great mods that PC has. This in no way is taking away anything from the PC builds. And yes I build on console and enter every week and I’m not bitter about lossing because all the builds are amazing that won.Thos is just something my self and a few other console builders have thought about. This isn’t just for me it’s for all console players. I know you have had a few console winners in the past, but the reality of it is like racing a dodo against a Thylo. Lol Thanks again, TLC138
  6. Here is my entry for Arkitect this week. My full Tek Evil Lair at the Ragnarok Volcano. No Mods! Done on Xbox One. I have entered this before , but I have made a few changes. Thanks for checking it out. -T https://imgur.com/gallery/56T12
  7. One more entry for Arkitect. Could not find if there was a limit on entry’s. If so please discard this one. This is a older build of mine . It was fun as hell. I give you my Wyvren/Quetz aircraft carrier! Xbox one. No Mods
  8. Hello. Here is my submission for this weeks Arkitect. This is a collaboration build with my tribe mates Missy Prime and, Andrea. This is a Community Center build we did on a dedicated server. No Mods! All done on Xbox. Thanks for looking. -T https://imgur.com/gallery/IGca3
  9. Ok I'm doubling down on entry's this week. Here is my other entry for ARKTitect. My Tek Evil Lair Ragnarok volcano Tree platform base also added a few picture along with the video. Thanls for looking,- T https://imgur.com/gallery/56T12
  10. My Entery for Arktitect . This was on Xbox one with no mods! Thanks for looking .
  11. Here is my entry for Arkitect. This was built 100% on tree platforms. This is located in the large cave under the lighthouse in The highlands on Ragnarok. The ship is built by my Tribe Mate Missy prime. This was built on Xbox one with absolutely no mods! Hope you enjoy it! This is a time edited video to fit in the new 5 minutes rule. I have the full video on my YouTube channel. Also here is a few photos of the build ! https://imgur.com/gallery/IUTMY
  12. Here is my entry for Arkictect. It's a large base build on Scorched Earth Xbox one! Thanks for looking.
  13. Big aircraft carrier base build I did. Submitted for arkiteck . Zero mods and done on Xbox
  14. Here is my entry for arkitect. I little something I did on Scorched Earth with no mods.
  15. Here is my Mountain side base build on Scorched Earth this is with no mods. On Xbox one