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  1. Here is my entry for Arkitect. This was built 100% on tree platforms. This is located in the large cave under the lighthouse in The highlands on Ragnarok. The ship is built by my Tribe Mate Missy prime. This was built on Xbox one with absolutely no mods! Hope you enjoy it! This is a time edited video to fit in the new 5 minutes rule. I have the full video on my YouTube channel. Also here is a few photos of the build !
  2. Here is my entry for Arkictect. It's a large base build on Scorched Earth Xbox one! Thanks for looking.
  3. Big aircraft carrier base build I did. Submitted for arkiteck . Zero mods and done on Xbox
  4. Here is my entry for arkitect. I little something I did on Scorched Earth with no mods.
  5. Here is my Mountain side base build on Scorched Earth this is with no mods. On Xbox one