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  1. Awesome I appreciate the quick response thank you mate! Sounds good I’m looking forward to it.
  2. Time estimate on us getting valguero in the cluster? Also will transfers be delayed?
  3. Thanks for understanding mate I messaged you on psn. Also no pods just straight uploaded them so I’m not entirely sure why they went away in 41 hours
  4. Dunno if possible. But my wife recently gave birth to my son and the Dino upload said 48 hours and upon logging in today 44 hours later there’s nothing in my upload..? Tribe log doesn’t say anything and in game time shows I’m not passed the 48 hours I’m unsure why my tames are gone. Is there anyway I could possibly get them back. I mean I understand it probably happens to multiple people but I figured I would ask. Hate to see all my work go down the drain because I trusted the upload system and left my house for less than two days because I had a child
  5. I’ll have to look into it for sure. By any chance I know they just announced it today. But will the Valguero map that’s being released June 18th, will that be added to our cluster?
  6. So far I’m in love with this server. Litererally have seen the servers govern themselves and wipe griefers and trolls who were abusing new players. I currently play on the island but hoping to expand. Will admit it’s hard to get cp since most built on the dams. But other than that it’s great. Rates aren’t too high and I haven’t been wiped on a daily basis. Can still access the obelisks and artifacts and the Dino’s can’t get too op with a level cap on the eggs. Overall a great place if you wanna enjoy ark without the official drama.
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