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  1. If you are just picking up the wolf with an argy to tame elsewhere, you should be fine. As mentioned, just be mindful of Yutyrannus since they can scare your bird into more dangerous enemies and also hidden Purlovia since they will jump out and knock you off your bird and probably right into a mob of direwolves or daedons roaming around.
  2. Agreed, at least for PVE (don't know what the ramifications for PVP would be). It's super annoying having tribes leave all their dinos on/around the obelisk.
  3. This, for the love of God. I came back to Ark after a long break and seriously thought picking a dino with a rider had been disabled since my tribemate and I could not get it to work at all.
  4. I rolled a Deathworm. I think I'm good, thanks
  5. If I can't sell or give away dinos I don't need anymore, I usually just upload them into the ob and let the timer run out. I don't have the heart to kill them myself
  6. Beelzebufo! I love watching these little guys just hop around the swamp without a care in the world while all hell breaks loose around them.
  7. Probably Ichythornis. I originally tamed it just to make taming an Otter easier but now he's kind of grown on me. I love my thieving little jerk seagull. Still hate the wild ones though.
  8. This would be awesome! Similar to the Purge mechanic in Conan Exiles and maybe have the NPCs drop BPs or other high-tier loot, depending on the difficulty.
  9. Agreed. Came back to The Island and Ragnarok PVE after a long break and still the same massive pillaring issues as in Early Access. I understand protecting important resource and dino spawns and blocking off the immediate area around your base but some tribes just go too extreme with it. We were able to find empty spots in the snow biomes but new players just starting out and looking for a place to set up are going to have a bad time on Official.
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