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  1. Since I started playing Ark, I’ve always wanted to go through all the story maps in order from The island to Gen2, staying on each map until completion. But I have 2 problems and because of them I’ve spent 90% of my playtime on the island restarting every few months after getting bored because I’m sick of the island. Problem 1 (low level spawns on story maps) The story maps are notorious for low level spawns, I feel like I would spend 100’s of hours on the island as I use basically official rates. Then eventually I’d take my boss ready dinos to scorched and then I would probably get through scorched too quickly, which I don’t want. Problem 2 (non story maps) I don’t want access to things that would make things easier until I’ve reached that point in the game (not having deinos for the dragon on the island for example). But I also don’t want to miss out on all the non story maps that have been added over the years because they look really good. The solution (for me at least) is one rule: “Dino / item transfers are not allowed until you have collected and displayed all Artefacts from the map you wish to transfer to. “ Following this rule will mean once you have defeated the overseer on the island and transfer to scorched, you will have to establish yourself to the point where you can collect the artefacts on scorched. So when you’re ready to fight the boss on scorched is the exact moment you’re then allowed to go and get your island dinos. This is how you would progress through the maps 1. The island - The Centre 2. Scorched Earth - Ragnarok 3. Aberation - Valguero 4. Extinction - Crystal Isles 5. Gen1 - Lost island 6. Gen2 - Fjordur You would start on the island and have access to the centre right away but remember, NO DINO/ITEM TRANSFERS until you’ve collected and displayed all artefacts on the map you’re transferring to. Then once you’ve defeated the overseer you have access to scorched & rag but when you go to those maps you will have to go naked & alone until you’ve got the artefacts there too. Playing like this allows you to get the full experience out of every map, without having to then leave your mutated boss killers behind when you finish a map. You’ll also be able to experience every non story map, in order of release, without having access to things you wouldn’t already have access to on a story map. The only thing I’m not sure on is I don’t think there’s artefacts on Gen1/2 so I’m not sure what to do there. Not sure if this idea will be if any use to anyone I’m just posting because I’ve seen a lot of people talk about wanting to do a story playthrough but not being sure on the best way to do it.
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