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  1. Glockmaster

    pvp New Info-Not the Real Billy and UWS on 524

    An hour? It took nearly an hour for you to walk the brontos over, You know Vaughn from UWS got 75% of the kills you should take some PVP lessons from him. Your tribemates are claiming to be Billy, you better get your kids under control You brought three tribes to wipe an 8 man tribe that never did anything on that server except play the game. You know we never fought until after you hit us. Do you dispute demanding 50k bullets for a building permit? Do you dispute you guys are raiding their own server on a daily basis? Do you dispute your guys are constantly saying this is gonna be a low population server through raiding? I came over there to help the leader, he is an old friend, it was not my tribe so I have nothing but a few hours of fun with some old buddies invested, no salt here, it wasn't like I bread any of those tames, it wasn't like we had any bread tames LOL. They went ahead and moved on to another Rag server bolstered by the 9 people they were able to recruit from 524 because of your needless raiding and wiping so I will thank you for them. Pretty sure most tribes would take a 3 weeks of work wipe to double their player base. Ironically the new server they went to has a legitimate alpha that gave them an indy forge, chem bench as well as BP for quality metal tools and journeyman armor on day 1 so they are doing far better over there then we ever did on 524 (you wiped us the day we put up the indy forge) They are over it and kinda look at it like a blessing, they don't even have plans to troll or attack you later just to deny your tribe the enjoyment of PVP. I am back home now with my main character on the cross ark where I will never have to deal with you again. Winner is................no one, all our tames were killed and bases destroyed, you wasted a ton of resources, made somewhere between 8 and 17 people who would have died for you leave the server for no reason at all.
  2. Glockmaster

    pvp New Info-Not the Real Billy and UWS on 524

    I think the leader of Rag is GT Tyrantsshadow, character name Hades does that ring a bell? Sorry for throwing shade your way, they got great gear, excellent tames, are great at PVP, everyone on the server is scared to death of them and they got two UWS tribes (a well known large-megish tribe) bowing down to them, in the vidoes I have seen of your tribe both attacking and defending you certainly had great gear, excellent tames and wrecked fools wholesale so I had no reason to doubt their claims that they are one of your tribes. It may be one of your old enemies, it may be one of your old tribe mates trying to cash in on your name, I have no idea. Rag wiped two more tribes last night, server pop was 25 at 5 pm central time, 21 by 10 pm central. They are succeeding in driving everyone off the server, as far as I know only 5 tribes have the "right" to be there. UWS found and wiped our last cave base last night, they found it by accident while leveling what we think was freshly raised giga named first bloodline, level 252 male, we killed it but they came right back with wyverns and another giga, the 524 resistance is done for. Our guys are scouting today looking for another server to move to and start over. Is your outrage due to being associated with UWS or being portrayed as a Psycho Tyrant Alpha? The funny thing is we would have defended our server with everything we had against anyone who came on had either of these tribes made a call to arms but instead they just waisted a ton of stuff, ours and theirs. Send a scout over to talk some smack in chat, see what kind of guys they are and then tell em your the real Billy and see how they react, I know you can't investigate every time someone uses your name but this group justifies at least a look.
  3. Billy and The Boys are Operating on NA 524 Ragnarok as Rag the Rok, main base located in the big canyon. They got 2 UWS tribes bowing down to them, the main UWS base is in the castle. I know there are quite a few people that have long standing beefs with both these tribes. A third tribe helped raid us, they are called Fairy Tale, not sure where they are at. We only had 20 Stone Behemoth Gate, 18 turrets, slightly over 300 plant x and 55 or so tames. We had repeatedly told them we wanted a strong server, that we were not raiding on the server, had no plans to be alpha and would not tame or breed gigas, every time they came to a drop we were waiting on we left or waited for them to see what was in there giving them first right of refusal, we were telling our members to stay away from their bases, we took down plants they thought were to close to a drop, basically giving proper respect to what we viewed as the two Alphas. 3 weeks go by then the same day we put up an Industrial Forge they started talking about a purge. Rag didn't like that we built a 20 x 20 x 8 building for our tames and they could not see what was going on inside, they gave us the option of turning off our turrets and plants and they would check out the pen and decide what tames IF any we could keep. Most tribes are not given the ultimatum, they are simply wiped em, the few tribes that were given the option all wimped out and let them in, two were allowed to stay and five or six were wiped for not having enough stuff to give up. We of course said no thanks, we would rather loose everything than be slaves I will admit they came and kicked our butts, we killed a wyvern, a griffin and a couple of brontos, they killed everything and destroyed 80% of our base. We were the first tribe to actually stand up to them when asked to open up We were the first tribe to actually put up a fight and kill their tames in PVP combat They wasted at least 40 rockets, untold numbers of c4 and got nothing because the plants were full and it took them a long time, half an hour before they breached the base two guys had a popcorn party so the best thing they got was a 157 journeyman crossbow, otherwise a few primitive guns and a few sets of primitive flak they had to take off our dead bodies was all they got. When it was all but over I posted in Global "gg boyz, rip the dream... anyone recruiting LOL" a couple of their owns guys responded "good fight" "Finally some PVP" or loled and it seemed like we might be able to make a positive from a negative then one particular guy (probably the wyvern owner/raiser) declared anyone recruiting us would face the same end as us. After they were done with us they were bragging in global saying this is gonna be a low population server and no one is allowed to build without a building permit. A smaller tribe asked How does one gets a building permit? 50,000 auto turret bullets How long to get them? NOW They of course were promptly wiped for not having the bullets. All the Obs are open on this server, I hope someone with an old grudge or anyone with a sense of fair play can use this information to bring a fight to them.
  4. Glockmaster

    ETA on more servers?

    1.52 out of 5 Rating with the Better Business Bureau, rating is F as in FAIL. Paid $40 million dollars on a lawsuit to Trendy after it was discovered the creators wife was using her maiden name to hide the Stieglitz family involvement in Wildcard Studios. Failed to meet 98% of deadlines they set for themselves in the last two years. Let the EA version of the game get ruined by allowing employees to be in tribes and create content outside of the normal game restrictions. One of the top 3 worse first day releases in video game history. Love the game hate the creators
  5. Glockmaster

    Not enough praise

    It's something you hate and love at the same time, they have sold 9 million copies and will probably sell a couple more million next month so its only going to get better.
  6. Glockmaster

    ARK: State of the Game

    Can you link that, from what I heard they decided to wait on Ragnorok so they didn't have to have 200 servers or whatever for three weeks then roll out new ones.
  7. Glockmaster

    ARK: State of the Game

    It sounds like no transfer to Ragnarok, they will be the new servers not the Legacy servers for console at least.
  8. Glockmaster

    Server Wipe

    PVP or PVE don't matter, and who said anything about statistics? This was asking for an OPINION about the cry baby losers saying they will never play again if a wipe happens and the correlation to them actually being the cheaters making the need for a wipe necessary.
  9. Glockmaster

    Server Wipe

    In your opinion what percentage of guys saying they will never play again if the servers get wiped are the cheating, duping, undermapping losers that need to be banned anyway. I say 95%