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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Add tek vaults

    The addition of a tek storage structure that locks. Sive of a vault with more storage.
  2. Update to Abberation

    Since transfer is open please enable thr placement of tek teleporter on multiplayer on abberation maps.
  3. ROCKS RE SPAWN~~~~ please address

    Hello, I will not pretend to know the in and outs of game design but there are rocks on aberration that respawn regardless of foundation proximity or even being inside the rock. This is an issue because it still creates obstructions for building. These rocks are located at the caverns that go to the surface portion. I am providing a picture of one of the rocks but it seems all the same types of rocks are providing an issue map wide. I feel this should be an easy patch, and if could be pushed out early would make life 100000x better in our base, and many bases among Aberration maps. IMAGE: https://imgur.com/a/MU0Ip Thank You
  4. Any tips for undoing the dino knot?

    Well my tribe has a simple solution. Before the boss fight I have all my players have their rex on follow they stand under it in the circle. WE launch the boss fight. When you spawn in the arena your rex is still following you, now everyone runs apart and the dinos split nicely. JUMP ON AND WRECK THE BOSS Remember Reputation = love!
  5. Im fed up with Wildcards ignorance, do something about ragnarok servers!

    I am extremely sorry to hear about what is happening on the PVE side of things. The truth is Ark PVE in my own opinion should be left to unofficial which can administer and create custom rule sets for their own servers. Now please I do not desire to create a flame war, I am just trying to level the ground here a little. WC is already in a bad spot with PVE because when things like this happen if they do something to a troll base spammer they are removing that players ability from experiencing content, if they don't do something they are removing other players ability to do something about that content. Do you see what i am talking about, PVE already creates a lose lose scenario for WC. They truly do their best on some of these matters, but PVE requires a high amount of adminstration and a critical rule set because the game save guards everyone by programming. In PVP a player always has a CHOICE to do something. They can blow up the pillar, or attack the other player group. PVP sometimes can have the same issue, for example imagine a large tribe places a pillar outside of your stone base. They say to you if you break that PILLAR i will kill everything and destroy everything you have. The player is bottle necked by that, even knowing they can destroy it if they do they have the repercussions. The thing about PVP is that player can always say, YOLO and blow the pillar anyway. In PVE that choice is removed completely and I return to my original statement. Even knowing it might not be desirable it is WC best interest to move the entire PVE line of play to the private market and keeping official play all PVP/PVP ISO play because on those servers the players for the most self manage and the company can focus on cheaters/hackers/exploiters where their skill set is needed rather than dealing with player disputes ('HE IS TOUCHING ME', and 'NO I AM NOT') the troll out there will always exist and they love to abuse PVE. ADDING 15 servers per region will not fix the issue it will provide the trolls with 45 more places to do the exact same and increase the operating cost of WC, or reduce our performance across all servers. This is not a solution in my opinion, it would only spread the problem among a larger surface but the problem is still there.
  6. Titanoboa Taming

    I think it is idiotic that we still can't tame them even after being promised we would be able to over 1 year now. There are new dino daily being added but why can't this one be added to the tame list.
  7. Transferring eggs in obi

    body transfer it and it will reset the spoil timer.
  8. Griffins and Breeding

    Well i really think the same approach should be taken that was done with dragons and have the high cap moved to 190 like wyvern eggs. Since we can never stack mutations or genetically create a higher level we should be given the same range we get on wyverns.
  9. Griffins and Breeding

    i was wondering if Griffins not having a gender was a bug or uncompleted part? I ask because they also do have a tool tip picture just a blank white square. These creatures are so enjoyable that i would very much like to see Griffin breeding. With their regions i can already imagine some very amazing color region mutation.
  10. Moschops and mutton

    I have to say it would be nice to see mutton added to the moschops better gather rates or added under the "PRIME" option. The second makes more sense but both would obtain the same result. At the moment the Theri POWER GATHER rate effects MUTTON amounts. With a half decent ovis and a good strong leveled Theri you can get 1k mutton easy.
  11. Pillar Update: Problems and Solutions

    for the people who line the base in pillars what stops them from connecting those lined up pillars with ceilings and such. It would stop the pillars from decay and they get a stronger wall.
  12. Game suggestion: CHANGE THE PILLARS BACK!

    I rather agree with the changes to pillars, it allows for more control over resources.
  13. Boss Arena Exploits

    Bosses were boosted because they were so easily killed but now they are not so easily killed the boost to them maybe should be removed. Less damage or less Hp might be in order.
  14. Let's talk about the Griffin

    TAME... Can't ride
  15. Server Wipe

    Never will happen