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  1. AlphaTrader

    Dismounted on SE in scar

    The scorched earth scar still discounting flying creatures. Why is this still a problem that has not been fixed? First reported almost two years ago.
  2. AlphaTrader

    Recruitment discord

  3. AlphaTrader

    Add tek vaults

    The addition of a tek storage structure that locks. Sive of a vault with more storage.
  4. AlphaTrader

    Update to Abberation

    Since transfer is open please enable thr placement of tek teleporter on multiplayer on abberation maps.
  5. AlphaTrader

    ROCKS RE SPAWN~~~~ please address

    Hello, I will not pretend to know the in and outs of game design but there are rocks on aberration that respawn regardless of foundation proximity or even being inside the rock. This is an issue because it still creates obstructions for building. These rocks are located at the caverns that go to the surface portion. I am providing a picture of one of the rocks but it seems all the same types of rocks are providing an issue map wide. I feel this should be an easy patch, and if could be pushed out early would make life 100000x better in our base, and many bases among Aberration maps. IMAGE: https://imgur.com/a/MU0Ip Thank You
  6. AlphaTrader

    Griffins and Breeding

    Well i really think the same approach should be taken that was done with dragons and have the high cap moved to 190 like wyvern eggs. Since we can never stack mutations or genetically create a higher level we should be given the same range we get on wyverns.
  7. AlphaTrader

    Griffins and Breeding

    i was wondering if Griffins not having a gender was a bug or uncompleted part? I ask because they also do have a tool tip picture just a blank white square. These creatures are so enjoyable that i would very much like to see Griffin breeding. With their regions i can already imagine some very amazing color region mutation.