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  1. Its me again Ragnarok is running nicely. Almost 8 active players. Maybe I need to upgrade this one soon! I changed some settings in the last time. Check out the Discord for running settings now.
  2. Hello Me again Just a friendly reminder, consider joining the discord https://discord.gg/GXyxUtQ
  3. Hello, just want to pump this up. Join my discord to get to know the other players currently playing Portugal, France, Germany are currently on. So far as I know https://discord.gg/GXyxUtQ Thanks!
  4. Back on page one! I got more players to join! I'm so thrilled! Thanks for playing on my cluster! Even though, its not that big but we're growing! I would love to see more people!
  5. My server cluster got more players! YES! 3 on Scorched Earth, 2 on Valguero 2 on the Island! I'm so happy. Maybe someone is interessted in joining?!
  6. So, I just read a question about mods. I do not play mods on my server because I want to make them available even for Epic Store players. Yes. I know.. But, I hate already the boundary to PS4 and others so I don't want to restrict now again some players because of mods
  7. Back to the top. This cluster is worth your time!
  8. Let me introduce you to my PVE cluster! -> Dragons PVE <- First of, thanks for stopping by! I hope you will take a second to look after those informations for the cluster. I start with my breeding stats, because I think, breeding is the most time consuming so I boosted this the most. https://beaconapp.cc/tools/breeding?msm=60.0&ism=65.0&ipm=0.030486&iam=20.0 Just click the link Taming is on x12 and food consumption is on x2, so you do not need to wait for your desired tame as well. Also, I upgraded my cluster with The Center, so now all maps are
  9. Running into the same issue and my players on my cluster as well... Any solutions found? Edit: If someone is interessted in an update: I talked to Nitrado support and they told me, its not a server side problem, it's game sided... What makes it more sad.
  10. Anyone?! Someone got the same issue or maybe a solution... We just want to play the game again and we cant figure out the problem. Even a reinstall wont work.
  11. Anyone else with this issue?! I'm running my cluster empty for over a week now because noone can join without seeing servers.... Please, I just want some answers...
  12. Hello there people of ARK. We run into a very VERY bad issue. I host 9 Servers on nitrado. Since the new update, neither can I or others playing on my servers find ANY unofficial server. We find officials in an instant but not unofficial. That's kinda sad because we loose so much time from the event and me money because I'm not able to play on my payed service. Anyone else run into this issue? We play on playstation 4 Greetings, Dragon
  13. Hello there, the cluster is growing, but we still got some space Feel free to join us and dont forget to hmu on my PSN TheioftheDragon for your free dino! Lets survive together
  14. Hey, its me again! Just want to tell you, we're growing! But I want more! I want you to join my cluster to get more interaction with others. We're currently breeding some Rexes, Argents for those Official Stat mutations. We would be happy to see more players! If you are joining, dont forget to send me a request on my PSN The i of the Dragon or PM me here. You get a free Dino of your choise, Max leveled out! Also, no level limitations! So, please, have fun with us and join! Greetings, Dragon
  15. Hey there fellow Survivors, just to let you know, if you are into breeding, you can get any tame on 100% imprint. Also, if you're joining with a tribe, anyone can imprint your dinos! Remember, when you join, let me know, you get a free dino! Your Dragon Hallo meine mit Überlebenden, nur um es euch Wissen zu lassen, wenn ihr gerne Züchtet, ihr bekommt alle Dinos auf 100%. Außerdem, wenn ihr mit einem Tribe beitretet, kann jeder aus diesem Tribe eure Dinos imprinten. Vergesst nicht, wenn ihr beitretet, bekommt ihr einen Dino eurer Wahl "umsonst". Euer D
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