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  1. Bump, come give us a try. I am open to suggestions as long as they are not gamebreaking.
  2. Hello Survivors, I recently rented a server for friends and friends of friends. We are looking for more players. The server is fairly balanced in my opinion (stat wise) and there are no rules and settings will be refined as the server goes on to ensure a balanced environment. No admins in the server. Everyone is friendly. The server is free to join, no password. Find it under unofficial PC sessions. Server name is "Veor" which is also my GT on xbox. Here are the settings. I also do weekend events like double taming, gathering, xp etc. PLAYER Infinite weight, one point needed only. Fortitude goes up by 10 each level instead of 2. For some reason you will need to die for it to show you your new fortitude level. Speed of movement has been boosted to be twice as fast. Crafting speed has been boosted so that one point gets you to 600%. Tribe limit for player in tribe is unlimited. Have as many tribe members as you want. Get 5000+ engram points to unlock everything as you level. DINOS Weight infinite Stamina increased 5x Speed increased 2x Dino hatch is 80x. Takes about 4-6 minute to hatch a dino egg. Dino mature is 200x. Biggest dinos take about 20-30 minutes to mature, smallest ones take about 5-10. Dino taming at 10x but food consumption is at .5 for dinos so essentially taming is at 5x. If using dododex app make sure you have this to get accurate time for taming to complete. Imprinting is a x2 effectiveness and imprint shows up every 8 minutes. Can download dinos. WORLD Damage numbers on. Crosshairs on. Show player on map on. Body locator on. Harvesting at 3x but player damage and weapon quality affects it even more Spoilage takes 3 times as long. Custom loot drops done through the Beacon app. Every single loot drop has been adjusted to give useful items and blueprints. Lowest quality ones give kibble and other consumable. If you get to the age of boss battles it will be easy to obtain all the items needed to activate the boss battle. Simply go to any artifact cave and inside the artifact will be all items needed to open up a boss fight. Crop growth is increased 100 fold. Hair growth increased 100 fold. Fishing loot at 10x. Cave damage is 2x. Xp gains at 2x but kills and crafting are at x5 so you will level very fast doing those things. Resources respawn 5x as fast. Arkeology event enabled. Cross play enabled. MISC Sweet veggie cake has been adjusted to cost much less resources to craft. Cementing paste adjusted to take much less resources to craft. Sparkpowder adjusted to take much less resources to craft. That about sums it up. If you have any questions on other settings please message my GT on xbox "Veor".
  3. Hello, No rules. Servers name is "Max's server" . Feel free to join up and give it a try. Looking for longterm players to help the server grow. My gt is "veor" message me with any questions. Settings are below. Player: Weight- infinite Oxygen x3 damage x2. Speed x2 Crafting speed x10 Food and Water 50 points per level. Stamina drain .5 5500 engram points from the get go Dino Weight infinite Stam very high Taming and breeding 6x taming Mature rate 150x and egg hatch at x25 Imprint timer .030 Mating interval .1 Max level wild 150. Egg lay interval .2 World damage number on Friendly fire on Tribe alliances on Clipping on Xp multiplier x3 Gathering x3 but quality of tools affects gather Customized loot drops Player show on map Corpse locator Hit markers Crosshairs enabled Altered cost for propellant and cementing paste to craft. PC players can join Day .25 speed Night 6x speed. Fast nights slow days. Cave damage x2 Crop growth 10x Decomposition time 6x as long Thats all for now.