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  1. Mega bump! Check out the new changes! Remember i want chill players that will interact with the existing community, follow the rules but Also will mess around since it is PvP.
  2. Bump! Need more chill players to join up.
  3. Bump! Got some new players that joined, plenty room for more.
  4. Server back to having rules and being private. Looking for players who will play often and can follow rules.
  5. Map changed to Ragnarok due to many aberration issues. Might switch back once those issues are fixed.
  6. Bump! Lots of players now have formed their bases and have begun trading various things.
  7. Bump! Still looking for more frequent players. i received great feedback on the customized loot boxes. They drop full hazmat suits sometimes so you dont have to wait too long to venture into the deep!
  8. Bump! We have players now trading drake eggs. All are welcome.