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  1. Hello, No rules. Servers name is "Max's server" . Feel free to join up and give it a try. Looking for longterm players to help the server grow. My gt is "veor" message me with any questions. Settings are below. Player: Weight- infinite Oxygen x3 damage x2. Speed x2 Crafting speed x10 Food and Water 50 points per level. Stamina drain .5 5500 engram points from the get go Dino Weight infinite Stam very high Taming and breeding 6x taming Mature rate 150x and egg hatch at x25 Imprint timer .030 Mating interval .1 Max level wild 150. Egg lay interval .2 World damage number on Friendly fire on Tribe alliances on Clipping on Xp multiplier x3 Gathering x3 but quality of tools affects gather Customized loot drops Player show on map Corpse locator Hit markers Crosshairs enabled Altered cost for propellant and cementing paste to craft. PC players can join Day .25 speed Night 6x speed. Fast nights slow days. Cave damage x2 Crop growth 10x Decomposition time 6x as long Thats all for now.
  2. Mega bump! Check out the new changes! Remember i want chill players that will interact with the existing community, follow the rules but Also will mess around since it is PvP.