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  1. Hey Forum Users!, My Name as you know is Trezza, because you guys aren't illiterate and can read. Recently as some of you's may know I have been kicked from a tribe who've used me for grinding there base out. Then kicked me when they were established. I'm level 100 n 85 I've had the game since launch on PS4 and have all knowledge about the game. 16 got a mic. PVP Based Player, (Enjoy a good Fight) I only enjoy Grinding Electronics, Gunpowder and Bullets. I Usually get 50k an hour gp with industrial Forge n Chem Bench. Electronics 20k an hour with Angler. and Probably about 8k Bullets n Hour. I Hate Fishing, Building and Raising. I do enjoy taming though. I Play during the week and weekends. But during the week I've been calming down on play time due to my SAT Tests. Please MSG me on PSN: TreZZa13 - Cheers, Sincerely Trezza
  2. Hey was wondering if u guys were on ps4? i love Dodo's... Sexually... No Homo Im lvl 85 and have a huge desire for grinding resources I most of all specialize in the PVP Aspect of the game, i take it you'd want to get in contact with me so heres my PSN TreZZa13 See you ladies on the battlefield

    bro thx just checked got my character back cheers, they got wiped today aswell. they all think i paid people to do it lmao

    i forgot to add that the server is OC-393
  5. Hey fellow forum users, id like to put the word out there of a very vulnerable BETA near ALPHA tribe. I built the base from scratch but was kicked. I know the ins outs and weaknesses of this base. i can promise 50 spare TEK BEHEMOTHS, a crap tone of turrets about 100 C4 in upstairs vault (mine) b4 i was kicked, We have about 200 ascendant blueprints which was handed to us by the alpha tribe. ranging from ascendant club to a 329% fab sniper bp. the reason i was kicked is because i apparently started trouble with an alpha tribe n what not. which i did not. ive attached a photo showing the pill box's turret counts, where the loot is, and were to raid from/ weaknesses. inv me to a party and i can walk you through the raid. i forgot to mention they r all terrible at PVP i always had to save there a**