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  1. EU PVE island 45 unplayable

    same poop different day, again hitting the 255 ping, and disconnecting issues on this server. Please wildcard do something about the servers! it is even running worse then before the release.
  2. unplayable with the 250 ping....
  3. terrible lags and a person who spams the ark chat
  4. Full Snow map.

    would be awesome to have an ice map, with blizzards instead of heat waves
  5. D3D Device lost please help

    can't this be fixed with the steam verify integrity of game files option? Helped for me a lot of times with other errors causing the game to crash
  6. Please Wildcard, at this rate we really dont care for any expansions or new fancy dinos. There are multiple reports about servers running with high ping. Hell our EU-PVE-Official-theisland45 server is now even down for about 2 hours if it isnt any more then that. After two years, I get that the rubberbanding on the servers is still an issue due to the server back ups. But after these two years there is still a lot of lag and rubberbanding going which isnt related to making back ups. I rather wait for an expansion or a dino or whatever new stuff. I played ark since the first week, and im getting more dissapointed by the game since it got released. I was telling myself, nah in release this stupid lag and other bugs will be gone. In the end we get spammed with x2 weekends and downed servers. With kind regards, A very dissapointed player
  7. thought it was just me, but damn wildcard. Sended two tickets already that EU-PVE-official-theisland 45 is down, and indeed it is still. Now i can't feed my baby dinos
  8. Aberration: Mutated Wyvern

    I think this one will be a mutated version indeed because of all that radiation, i would call it an air tuso
  9. Thoughts on Ice Wyverns

    Now i want one
  10. Kill all passive tames.

    fun how this ends up in a huge topic just a guy who is angry at someone in his server
  11. How long does a character stay uploaded?

    can confirm no timer on body, I never had trouble transfering and losing character but i heard people who have. Only problem i have is that sometimes while i transfer, ark shuts down. You can get your character back at the server you came from or where you where transporting to.
  12. obelisk blocking jerks

    or its for boss fighting i dont know how it looks like