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  1. Unofficial PC Session Tek Engrams unlock as you level! Custom Loot from Supply Drops! Server: [US][LA] MD Ragnarok & MD Aberration XP: 5X Harvest: 5X Taming: 5X Raising: 5X Incubation: 10X Flyer Carry: enabled (you can pick up and carry wild dinos) **Some Aberrant dinos spawn in certain areas of the map (Plant Z seeds drop in ringed supply drops for the glow tames)** Structure Collision: disabled (you can clip structures into other structures or terrain) Cluster Aberration map attached! (You can travel between the two servers and transfer appropriate dinos) !! No blocking caves, heavy rare resource spawns, artifacts, or obelisks. Structures found blocking these areas will be demolished. No griefing players, player tames, or bases. !! These servers are run by Nitrado and have a monthly cost associated with them. If you would like to donate to help fund the servers, the donations can be made through the Nitrado app on Xbox and PC. Simply click the rocket ship boost page and enter the code: M09i21VM (for Ragnarok) & WBE2VNKC (for Aberration) then select the donation you wish to give and follow the instructions from there. Happy Arking!